New Alert Structure & Bidding Alerts to Make Account Management Even Easier

April 14, 2021 Brad New Features

For a while, we displayed the automatic audit alerts in 2 categories: Critical (meaning they cover issues that stopped ad serving), and Optimization (for everything else) For some users, the above categories might not have adequately highlighted issues that might not have stopped ad serving but were hampering the effectiveness of the account. To more […]

Two New Tools to Help you Navigate the Modified Broad to Phrase Match Changes in Google Ads

March 15, 2021 Brad New Features

Google Ads is changing how phrase match works as it will become like the current modified broad match. In addition, you will no longer be able to create modified broad match keywords after July. Here are some insights on working with Google’s Broad Match Modifier & Phrase Match Change. We’ve launched two new tools to […]

Working with Google’s Broad Match Modifier & Phrase Match Changes

February 5, 2021 Brad General, Google Ads Insights, PPC Management

Google announced they will be sunsetting broad match modifier and changing phrase match to work like the old broad match modifier. These changes should be rolled out by July 2021, and then, you will no longer be able to create broad match modifier terms. That means your old phrase match terms will expand to show […]

Product Update: Improved Performance Data Visualization

December 2, 2020 Brad New Features

We just rolled out two new updates. The first is two new tabs on your dashboard to quickly view and segment your account performance data. The second is an upgrade to the Performance Analyzer. Account Performance Screens We rolled out two new tabs on your dashboard that will show your account performance data in an […]

Product Update: Ad Inspection, Text Pattern Analysis, Search Term Management, and More

November 9, 2020 Brad New Features

We’ve recently added several new features to make data analysis and account management even easier for you. Ad Inspector You now have a new tool known as the Ad Inspector. Here you will find three new options that will help analyze your ads. Responsive Search Ads Analyzing responsive search ads can be difficult. To make […]

Product Update: Improved Bid Adjustment Alerts, Auto-pause Settings, and Draft Ads Management

October 5, 2020 Brad New Features

We’ve recently launched several improvements ranging from bid adjustments alerts to the automatic pausing of loser ads and draft ads management. Bid Adjustments can make a big difference to the profitability of your campaigns, but they are easy to overlook and difficult to calculate. We’ve made a change to how you can manage bid adjustments […]

Quickly Adapt Your PPC Messages

Adapt Your PPC Messaging to the Current Shifting Consumer Behavior

September 16, 2020 Brad General, Google Ads Insights

We recently presented a deck at the Google Marketing Conference that looks at how to adapt your PPC messaging during Covid-19. As consumer behavior and their search patterns have changed during these times, PPC marketers must also adapt to their customer’s needs. We’ve included the full video along with the written transcript. We hope you […]

Budget Management Tools

Product Update: New & Improved Budget Management Tools

September 11, 2020 Brad New Features

We’ve launched several new and improved budget management tools. You can see these changes on the overview screen, your dashboard, and in the Budget Management section of your account. With these new and improved features, you can: View budget pacing See projected spend at the account and individual budget levels Automatically pause accounts when they […]

Adalysis Launches an Affiliate Program: Make Money by Referring Adalysis

July 29, 2020 Brad General

We have always been grateful to the PPC community for referring businesses to Adalysis, where they can easily manage their PPC account with recommendations and custom workflows across Google Ads and Microsoft Ads. You can now make money off of your referrals with our affiliate program. All you need to do is signup and add […]

Product Update: New Features for Keywords Management

July 24, 2020 Brad New Features

Adalysis introduced several new opportunities that will help you save time and improve the performance of your PPC accounts! Don’t Miss These Important Keyword Alerts Ad Groups With Too Many Keywords Having too many keywords within an ad group can negatively impact the performance as it makes it harder to fine-tune the relevancy of all […]

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