PPC management
software for agencies

Save time managing multiple Google Ads & Microsoft Ads accounts with Adalysis, the PPC management toolkit for agencies. We prioritize the insights so you can focus on creative tasks and scale your business!


automated checks for each of your accounts every day!

Work with data-driven

With advanced algorithms powering Adalysis, you can be
sure that all the recommendations you’ll apply are rooted
in extensive analysis and statistically significant data. We
conduct more than 40 automated checks for each of your
accounts every day!

Keep an eye on multiple
PPC accounts

It’s never been easier managing tens and hundreds of
accounts from a single PPC management platform! Each
time you log into your Adalysis profile, you’ll instantly see
what really matters for each of your accounts, so that your
team can start the day with the accounts and campaigns
requiring the most attention. You can also set your own
alerts for each account depending on what exactly you’d
like to track!

It’s never been easier managing tens and hundreds of accounts from a single PPC management platform

Create thousands of ads and build new campaigns with a click of a button

Save time with bulk
management tools

Adalysis PPC Management Software for agencies has many
bulk management tools to make your life faster and more
streamlined. Quickly create thousands of ads, build new
campaigns, or apply fixes for alerts with the click of a

Customize tools according
to your needs

Your PPC agency’s clients are most likely very different:
what might be a great result for one of them, might be seen
as a complete failure for another. Adalysis PPC
management software for agencies is not a one-size-fits-all
solution. Within the platform, you can adjust more than 20
PPC management tools according to the objectives of each
account and quickly resolve issues with the click of a
button or dig deep into the data for further analysis.


PPC management tools according to the objectives of each account

Our top-notch A/B ad testing tool has got you covered: you create the ads and we do the rest of the job

Run thousands of A/B tests
at scale

We all know that ad copy A/B testing should be included in
our PPC management routine. But we are also aware of
how much time it takes, especially when it comes to larger
accounts. Our top-notch A/B ad testing tool has got you
covered: you create the ads and we do the rest of the job.
We’ll notify you of your best ads for each ad group, pinpoint
losers and show the detailed analysis of the best
combinations of your Headlines and Descriptions. Now
your metrics can skyrocket!

Some additional features that you
might also benefit from

Add as many team members to your Adalysis
account as you want

Schedule alerts to an individual
email address

Connect an unlimited number of Google Ads
accounts via My Client Center (MCC)

See influencing factors behind the performance
changes with Performance Analyzer

Create professionally looking
white-label reports and audits for your clients in minutes

Make notes to track the impact of
changes you implement

Can we help you optimize your
PPC accounts?

Adalysis PPC management software has already been
appreciated by digital marketing agencies
from all over the world

Steve Clark, Paid Media Specialist

201-500 employees

I love everything about this tool. It's literally a needle in a haystack. I almost don't want to write this review because it can give a competitive edge to other agencies. I love the audit tool, the budget pacing, bidding tool, and the most essential - the A/B testing functionality.

Roy F, Director of Paid Media

51-200 employees

My team and I becoming a big fan over 6-12 months of using it. We had couple of training sessions and Adalysis support team is always engaging. When we have new enhancement ideas, they are very fast to implement. Dashboard view makes both managers like myself and hands on specialists' life 10 times more easy in identifying problems, seeing trends. The data visualization and action buttons in each call out improves our team's efficiency and ultimately improve client ad account value.

Ana F, Digital Marketing Specialist

11-50 employees

I've been using Adalysis for my PPC management needs during the free trial and we're going to buy an annual plan. This tool is an absolute game-changer for anyone working in the world of digital advertising. I found it useful in budget management and pacing control, daily audits and insightful reports.

Charels H, Paid Media Specialist

201-500 employees

I really like all of the detailed and well thought out suggestions given to the user to better manage their campaigns based on analyzed data. I also like how you can create custom alerts along with the standard ones.

Justin L, PPC Specialist

51-200 employees

Adalysis is fast and intuitive to onboard and has a robust set of features that simpliies ad management at a high level but also allows you to make in depth modiications with data driven insights. My team tested Adalysis with the trial and we are in the process of making it our primary worklow tool.

Steve C, Digital Marketing Manager

2-10 employees

The functionality in Adalysis is extremely useful, especially the custom alerts for performance. We no longer get caught by surprise when unexpected issues arise. It's a life saver for us. We love many other features as well including the target budget tracker, ad testing and the bid adjustments map. Now that we're used to Adalysis, it'll be very difficult for us to manage our accounts without it!

Oliver D, Account Executive

51-200 employees

Allowed us to replace spreadsheet-based insight reporting, and greatly speed up account audits, bidding modiications and ad analysis and testing. The Looker Studio are well done. Adalysis easily beats every other platform in this range.

Sky R, Digital Marketing Director

11-50 employees

I love the negative keyword conlict function. I use this on all new accounts. We have very large clients and very large negative lists. Adalysis makes it so easy to find and delete negative keywords. We monitor budget and keywords mostly with Adalysis. This makes changing and ixing our large accounts very quick in bulk. I highly recommend Adalysis.

Katie W, Search Specialist

51-200 employees

I love this tool and the ease in which I can make optimizations across Google & Bing. We've used this in QBRs, Audits and every day optimizations. Love having these capabilities at my ingertips.

Jango V, Online Advertising Consultant

11-50 employees

In our marketing agency, Adalysis is part of the day-to-day optimization of all our Google Ads Search accounts that we run for our customers. It's fully integrated in our way of work, I can't imagine not having Adalysis anymore.

Liliana A, PPC Results Specialist

2-10 employees

This should be a tool every agency/ PPC specialist must use.

Erik G, Head of Analytics & Digital Marketing

11-50 employees

The ease of optimising the accounts where you get the biggest impact. Adalysis help us prioritise where to focus our attention so we can keep on delivering fantastic results year over year and month over month. We keep growing our clients' businesses every year and Adalysis is a big part of doing that through Google Ads.

Jason P, Sr. Manager of Global Paid Marketing

1001-5000 employees

We have in very large amount of ads running and we are able to quickly and successfully change out the losing ads for new ads. This has allowed us to greatly increase the ROAS we were initially seeing.

Mallory R, Senior Paid Advertising Specialist

201-500 employees

What I have come to ind is that a number of the account auditing tools and features have been extremely beneicial (negative keyword conlicts, audience performance etc.). We have a very complex account 24,000+ keywords and 10,000+ ad groups so Adalysis makes sure everything is set up properly.

Robert B, Founder

2-10 employees

This software has the smoothest onboarding process I've ever experienced. Very easy to use and understand. Great documentation and tutorials for using the various product features. Constantly being updated to increase the functionality. While it was initially an ad testing tool, it's now evolved into a very robust software package that aids management/optimization, alerts you to potential issues or performance variations, and is easy enough for even junior practitioners to use.

Award-winning PPC management
software for agencies

Best Search Technology of
the Year / 2018

Best Specialized SEA
Tool / 2018

Best PPC Management
Software Suite / 2017

Best PPC Management
Software Suite / 2016

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