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Intuitive tools with a focus on productivity, control and accuracy.

Automation Tools


Validate your strategy and discover overlooked opportunities

  • Identify the root-cause of performance changes in seconds.
  • Gain fresh insights into the best performing ad patterns.
  • Find the most profitable segments in a few clicks.
  • View hidden trends in your search terms data.
  • … and much more


Have your to-do list compiled automatically for you

  • Get daily notifications on critical issues and optimization opportunities.
  • Fix or apply changes with a single button click.
  • Set up personalized alerts and rules to track what’s important to you.


Enhance your bidding strategy with bid suggestions and built-in trackers

  • See bid suggestions even when using automated bidding strategies.
  • Get daily recommended bid adjustments for demographics, location, devices, audiences and ad schedules.
  • View hourly heatmaps for ad schedules bidding decisions.
  • Track the impact of your bid changes with ease.


Extract the maximum benefit from your available budget.

  • See the pacing of your monthly spending and find the best budget allocation model.
  • Control your campaigns via target budget alerts.
  • View performance boost potential for budget changes.

Quality Score

Identifying the quality score bottlenecks, changes and history has never been easier.

  • See Quality Score distribution and history at all levels.
  • View a breakdown of the contribution of each Quality Score subfactor.
  • Get a prioritized to-do list of areas that need fixing.
  • Analyze your quality score in multiple dimensions.

Ad Testing

The world’s only fully automated ad testing platform. It’s like an Always-on Experiment!

  • Get all of your ads tested without lifting a finger. No manual setup required.
  • Test 6 main metrics to identify the real loser ads.
  • Put your ad testing on auto-pilot with automatic replacement of loser ads.


Gain control over the Display Network behavior.

  • Leverage the power of placement analytics to gain necessary insights.
  • Exclude all mobile apps with a click of a button.
  • Exclude questionable placements once and for all.

Campaign Creation

Discover the fastest way to have your campaigns up and running.

  • Create hundreds of campaigns in seconds from data in uploaded files.
  • Utilize a complete suite of various intelligent ad creation tools.
  • Leverage time-saving SKAG building tools.

Auditing Tools

Automated audit checks will alert you to any issues discovered in all the below areas.


  • Network settings
  • Ad rotation settings
  • Mobile traffic relative performance
  • User location performance comparison


  • Duplicate ads
  • Adgroups with too many ads
  • Ads not using secure traffic
  • Ads with missing headline 3
  • Adgroups that use more than one RSA
  • Legacy ads types that need replacing
  • Disapproved ads
  • Adgroups with no ads

Search Terms

  • Duplicate search terms
  • Potential keywords from search terms
  • Potential negative keyword from search terms
  • Potential keyword from NGrams


  • Exclusion of mobile apps with one button click
  • Exclusion of sensitive or questionable placements
  • Non converting placements detection at multiple levels


  • Keyword conflicts with negative keywords
  • Adgroups with no keywords
  • Duplicate keywords
  • Keywords that don’t use secure traffic
  • Keyword match types used incorrectly.
  • Repetitive broad match keywords.
  • Keywords below first page bid or top of page bid
  • Adgroups with too many keywords
  • Disapproved keywords
  • Expensive keywords
  • Non-converting keywords
  • Keywords with poor ad relevance
  • Negative keywords with potential of refactoring
  • Negative keywords not blocking search traffic

Landing Pages

  • Broken URLs
  • Poorly converting pages
  • Identify the cause of pages with poor QS
  • Relevance to keywords driving traffic

Ad Extensions

  • Detect missing ad extensions
  • Detect insufficient number of ad extensions
  • Extensions with broken URLs

Your Custom Audit Checks!

  • Add your own criteria and let the platform alert you when it’s
  • Set up your customized to do list with details of any aspect of
    the account that requires your attention.



Use our data visualization to faster understand the relationships between your metrics and make informed decisions.

  • Heatmaps and visual charts to make
    conclusions fast
  • Root-cause analysis of changes
  • Uncover performance dependencies in new
    light of crunched data.


Impress your clients with interactive and beautiful reports.

  • Utilize 50+ pre-built templates
  • Slice and dice by multiple dimensions
  • White-label reports with your own branding
  • Set your monthly reporting routine on autopilot

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