Take your PPC automation to the next level

Intuitive tools with a focus on productivity, control and accuracy.


Being data-driven has never been easier with the depth of analysis at your finger tips

  • Reduce your account maintenance time by 97%. You can literally fix and maintain an account within a few minutes a week.

  • Eliminate wasted spend (on underperforming keywords, networks, locations, search terms, placements, etc.)

  • Validate your strategy and discover overlooked opportunities.

  • Identify the best growth opportunities quickly and easily.

  • Identify the best growth opportunities quickly and easily.


Boost your productivity and hit your targets much quicker

  • Get more done in less time with our award winning automation strategies.

  • Once set up, your account can run on auto-pilot to continue optimizing it while you sleep.

  • An auto-pilot mode that runs 24/7 on your accounts.

  • Build automated rules that specifies what to do when certain conditions are met.

Audit alerts

Gain peace of mind while 100+ automated daily audit checks

  • Be the first to know when something is not working as expected.

  • Fix all issues right within Adalysis without having to switch screens.

  • Never miss an issue or opportunity again.

  • Optimization suggestions are prioritised based on their impact to help focus on most important first.

  • Detect critical issues and fix them in a couple of clicks.

Performance alerts

It's time to make PPC management less complex

  • Performance anomalies and notifications on unexpected behaviour.

  • Receive alerts for fluctuations or thresholds for any metric.

  • Spot irregularities before they become problems.

  • Spot opportunities to reduce waste and increase conversions.

  • Stay on top of your campaigns with daily monitoring.

  • Identify the root-cause of performance changes in seconds.

Set-up audit

Never miss an issue or opportunity again

  • Ensure your account is set up correctly at all times.

  • Never worry again about inconsistencies in your RSA assets.

  • Impress your clients with visually appealing reporting and data-backed stories.

  • Data insight give you all the information you need to make the right decisions all the time.

Rule engine

Your virtual PPC assistant is ready

  • Customize 100+ built-in rules to adapt to your targets.

  • Build your own rules to cover specific scenarios.

  • Set up automated actions to execute when your alerts are triggered.

  • Create alerts for KPIs to get notified as soon as performance deviates.


Utilize 40+ tools to save you switching around fragmented screens elsewhere

  • The largest set of tools available today to create, optimize, and monitor highly profitable campaigns.

  • Build ads quickly at scale with AI suggestions.

  • Build campaigns from scratch from external data.

  • RSA asset management tools.

  • Keywords, search terms and NGrams tools.

  • Display placements exclusions and targeting tools.

  • Quality score tools that will leave no question unanswered.

  • Bidding and bid adjustment tools with full history tracking.


The missing piece of the bidding puzzle

  • Never be in the dark again about the effect of changing a bidding strategy, a bid or a bid adjustment.

  • Full analysis of the impact of bidding changes.

  • Bid suggestions and recommendations based on your settings.

  • Automated actions to adjust your bids based on your goals.

  • View hourly heatmaps for ad schedules bidding decisions.

Budget management

7 budget tools - one platform

  • Projections: future spend projection taking into account all variables including recent budget change.

  • Boost opportunities: overview of incremental performance boost for every campaign.

  • Budget split: efficient allocation of an account budget across campaigns.

  • Daily automation: automatic daily budget adjustments to achieve your target.

  • Rollover: allocation of over/underspend from one cycle to the next.

  • Pacing: Prevention of over-spending or under-spending with real-time tracking.

  • Campaign control: enable/pause campaigns based on pacing and budget cycle.

Performance Max

Gain more control on your PMax campaigns

  • All the heavy lifting on your PMax search terms done for you.

  • Full audit of your PMax asset groups structure and performance.

  • Best practices highlighted to boost your PMax ROI.

  • Regular audits reveal where you need to improve your PMax.


Gain control over the Display Network behavior.

  • Leverage the power of placement analytics to gain necessary insights.

  • Exclude all mobile apps with a click of a button.

  • Exclude questionable placements once and for all.

Quality score

Identifying the quality score bottlenecks, changes and history has never been easier.

  • See Quality Score distribution and history at all levels.

  • View a breakdown of the contribution of each Quality Score subfactor.

  • Get a prioritized to-do list of areas that need fixing.

  • Analyze your quality score in multiple dimensions.

Ad testing

The world’s only fully automated ad testing platform. It’s like an Always-on Experiment!

  • Get all of your ads tested without lifting a finger. No manual setup required.

  • Test 6 main metrics to identify the real loser ads.

  • Put your ad testing on auto-pilot with automatic replacement of loser ads.

Campaign creation

Discover the fastest way to have your campaigns up and running.

  • Create hundreds of campaigns in seconds from data in uploaded files.

  • Utilize a complete suite of various intelligent ad creation tools.

  • Leverage time-saving SKAG building tools.



Use our data visualization to faster understand the relationships between your metrics and make informed decisions.

  • Heatmaps and visual charts to make conclusions fast

  • Root-cause analysis of changes

  • Uncover performance dependencies in new light of crunched data.


Impress your clients with interactive and beautiful reports.

  • Utilize 50+ pre-built templates

  • Slice and dice by multiple dimensions

  • White-label reports with your own branding

  • Set your monthly reporting routine on autopilot

Improve performance with actionable analysis

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