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Privacy guarantee

Adalysis adheres to the highest security and privacy standards. No changes will be made to your accounts. When you run the Free PPC Audit tool, Adalysis doesn't appear either as a 'User' nor 'Manager' of your Google Ads account. ONLY YOU will know that Adalysis has been connected and you can revoke access to your account anytime.


The PPC audit answers important
questions within minutes

Are you missing out on traffic?

How much paid search traffic are you missing due to budget or bid restrictions? How many more conversions could you have gained with your existing budget?

Are you wasting your budget?

How much money do you spend on poorly converting keywords, segments, or landing pages? Are some keywords costing you much more than they should?

Are your ads underperforming?

Are you A/B testing your ads reliably, and getting the data you need? Would identifying and pausing underperforming ads improve your results?

Are you missing opportunities?

Are your campaigns set up in alignment with your objectives? Are there untapped opportunities that you could be targeting?

Is your account set up correctly?

Have you checked your account and campaign settings to ensure there are no issues throwing you off track?

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Both MCC and individual PPC accounts are supported

Here's what's in the report

Performance audit

View details of lost potential revenue and wasted spend and see the changes you can make to boost performance.

Quality score audit

Understand how keyword relevance, ad copy, and split testing are affecting CTR and CPC and what you can do to improve.

Account structure audit

See how you compare to industry best practices for campaign and ad settings and what changes are needed.

Account insights

Specific suggestions, personalized to your account, which show you how to maximize your performance and return on spend.

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