Scale up your customer base with ease – time saved & results improved

Adalysis is your PPC co-pilot designed for growth and scalability

Manage thousands of client budgets with ease

Take back full control of your client budgets with full automation and projections

  • Prevent over-spending and under-spending with advanced budget pacing

  • Accurate predictions based on account history, seasonality, ad schedule and recent budget changes

  • Receive target budget pacing alerts and automatically pause and re-enable the campaigns

  • Get up-to-date forecasts for cumulative as well as daily budget targets

Decrease your campaign management time by 97%

Increase productivity and save time with the automation

  • Analyze your accounts in minutes and maintain countless accounts with the autopilot mode

  • Automation takes the strain as 100+ daily checks ensure accounts are continuously monitored

  • Receive built-in and custom alerts from the rules engine and fix issues before a client is affected

  • Quickly launch campaigns and ads using a whole suite of AI-based tools

Give your customers the best possible experience

Set impressive account benchmarks, and maintain them

  • Focus on nurturing your client relationships while our smart automations shoulder the bulk of the heavy lifting

  • Achieve better and faster results for your customers that surpass all your competitors

  • Impress your clients with visually rich reports and data-backed stories

  • Easily communicate progress, with clear reporting and access to key metrics

Extend your PPC capability at no extra cost

No PPC team? No problem. Improve the day to day experience of running your PPC campaigns

  • A clear, intuitive PPC reporting dashboard enables seamless interpretation and action.

  • Apply intelligent recommendations based on industry best practice.

  • 50 pre-built templates to help you deliver effective and efficient monthly reporting.

  • 100+ automated daily checks optimize your team’s time and your PPC spend.

  • Communicate results and progress to colleagues, with easy access to the data that counts.

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Best PPC Management
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