Manage Multiple PPC Accounts With Ease – Time Saved, Results Improved.

Take the faster path to PPC success at scale, with Adalysis.

Smarter PPC Workflows

Adalysis offers advanced PPC management software for agencies – start scaling today.

  • Streamlined Workflows – Automation takes the strain as 70 daily checks ensure accounts are continuously monitored by our advanced algorithm.

  • Easy Intervention – Pause losing ads and replace them with higher performing drafts – easily done with a single click.

  • Enhanced Account Optics – Personalized alerts for an increased sense of security - fix issues before a client is affected.

  • Efficient Bulk Actions – Quickly implement exclusions or inclusions and set up testing parameters for individual campaigns or clients.

Precise Control With Multi-Campaign Dashboard

Successful PPC management demands scalable approach and precise adjustment –– Adalysis unlocks both.

  • Management At Scale – Maintain multiple accounts with “autopilot” mode, or easily activate manual control for specific changes.

  • Budget Control – Benefit from target budget alerts and insight into the potential to boost performance.

  • Rapid Campaign Creation – Quickly launch effective campaigns, generated from uploaded data or via a whole suite of AI-based creation tools.

  • Clear Reporting – Easily communicate results and progress, with clear reporting and intuitive access to key metrics.

Delighted Clients

Set impressive account benchmarks, and maintain them. Adalysis drives results and builds reputations.

  • Focused Findings – Give your clients the detail that matters - Adalysis is easily adjusted to display a wide range of confidence metrics.

  • Campaign Clarity – Statistically significant insights are automatically surfaced and easily communicated.

  • A Personal Approach – With smart automations shouldering the bulk of your PPC accounts’ heavy lifting, focus on enhanced client relationships.

  • Adjustable Attributes – Report back to clients in the context of parameters that matter to their unique business model.

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