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It's time you get more from your PPC management software

Adalysis is your PPC co-pilot

Combine smart automation with advanced algorithms to drive continuous PPC campaign improvement

  • Reduce your account maintenance time by 97%

  • Spot irregularities before they become problems

  • Find the root cause of performance issues and get to the bottom of why performance has changed

  • Define your own rules and alerts and automate their action

Never miss an issue or opportunity again

Be the first to know when something is not working as expected

  • Gain peace of mind while 100+ automated daily audit checks keep you informed about your account

  • Performance anomalies and notifications on unexpected behaviour

  • Identify the best growth opportunities quickly and easily

  • Fix all issues right within Adalysis without having to switch screens

An arsenal of tools designed to boost productivity

Essential tools needed for all aspects of a scalable account management target

  • Build ads quickly at scale with AI suggestions

  • Gain full control on budget spend, planning and optimization

  • Be more productive using consolidated screens without the need to switch around fragmented tools

  • Multiple campaign building tools at no additional cost

A tried and tested PPC solution

Easily access root cause analysis and take the data-driven approach

  • Quickly discover the bottlenecks within your PPC campaign performance.

  • Campaigns continuously tested and improved by our advanced algorithm.

  • A/B testing and replacement ads which pull in proven inherited data mean no more second guessing.

  • Get closer to your perfect audience and attract them with ads that fulfil defined confidence metrics.

  • Achieve complete clarity on your data with heatmaps and visual charts to help smart conclusions.

Drive a more predictable ROI

Make your PPC spend count with optimized campaign budgets and up-to-date forecasts

  • Bring sales across the line with a 29%+ average increase in conversion

  • Get more eyes on your business with 25%+ average uplift in traffic

  • Easily forecast campaign success and adjust campaigns with top-level insight

  • Quickly implement AI-driven recommendations – no experience necessary

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