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Stop searching for ways to fix broken Google Ads scripts. Scrap your complicated spreadsheets. Say hello to Google Ads automation – easy, efficient, and effective.

Adalysis – A Powerful Alternative To Google Ads Scripts

If you’re looking to automate individual tasks, Google Ads Scripts can be helpful. But if you’re chasing real growth, you need something designed to scale…

Targeted, custom automation

Automation works best when it’s aligned to specific goals. Your campaigns deserve more than generic Google Ads Scripts examples. Adalysis offers access to user-friendly custom automation and alerts, without complex coding.

Smarter insights, instantly

Get alerted whenever an opportunity for campaign improvement presents itself. Adalysis looks beyond the areas of your account you can track with Google Ads Scripts, boosting conversions, reducing Cost per Conversion and protecting your budget.

Boost Your Productivity with Smart PPC Automation

Start Scaling Your Google Ads Success

Google Ads scripts will only get you so far. For maximum campaign impact, Adalysis combines analysis and automated action.

No coding skills required

Achieve everything Google Ads Scripts offer and so much more – all from a well-designed and intuitive interface. Sidestep the need to combat errors with complicated JavaScript fixes. Adalysis monitors changes in Google and automatically adjusts its algorithms to deliver the same value.

Action all accounts

Many Google Ads Scripts are only available at an account level. As your accounts portfolio increases, you will need to run the same script in each of the accounts individually. Eliminate this inefficiency with Adalysis and have all your accounts under control.

Master multitasking

Quality Score tracking, hourly heatmaps, automated ad testing, N-grams, checking broken links, and more… Your most frequently used activities are automatically implemented in Adalysis.

Accelerate Your Growth with Google Ads Automation

Award-Winning Intuitive Tools

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70+ Automatic Checks
Save hours of manual analysis
A/B Testing Tools
Performance driven optimization
20+ Bulk Management Tools
Smarter and faster bulk tasks
Customizable Reports
Live and interactive reporting

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