Automatic PPC Ad Testing – Less Effort, Better Results.

Automated PPC ad testing tools – improve your campaigns at a rate that’s impossible to replicate manually.

A Smarter Way To Test PPC Ad Performance

Automate your PPC ad testing – zero set up, just log on and see results.

  • Save Hours Of Time – Adalysis eliminates the slow, manual comparison of ads – freeing your team to focus on high-level strategy.

  • Bulk Testing – Automated PPC ad tests can analyse 1000s of ads in a matter of seconds – a testing capacity that grows with your business.

  • Statistical Significance –Test at scale for complete confidence in the data-backed results you’re working with.

  • Rapid Response – Alerted to some room for improvement? Pause and replace losing ads automatically for optimum performance.

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Unlock Optimised PPC Ad Copy

The impact of PPC ad copy is often underestimated – here’s how Adalysis helps.

  • Ad Inspector – A powerful tool that reveals your best-performing Headlines and Descriptions.

  • Heatmaps Of Element Intersections – Highlighting the best combinations to reveal the recipe for the ultimate ad copy.

  • Single-Ad Group Testing – Automatically A/B test any ad group with two ads or more, to keep campaigns at peak performance.

  • Multi-Ad Group Testing – Easily see how different copy elements perform across all your campaigns.

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Peak PPC Performance Set To Autopilot

The award-winning Adalysis PPC software helps with all aspects of Microsoft (Bing) and Google Ads campaign management.

  • Six Metric Check For Every Ad – CTR, conversion rate, cost per conversion value plus essential impression-based metrics.

  • Auto Pause – automatically pause losing ads exposed by statistically significant A/B test results.

  • Responsive Search Ads – Discover the ad groups in which RSA are performing worse than your text ads and take action on improving them.

  • Google Display Network campaigns – Go beyond Search Campaigns! Analysis can also test image ads for Google Display Network campaigns.

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