PPC Audit & Analysis Tools

Award-winning PPC audit and analysis tools developed by Adalysis will quickly show you where do your Google Ads and/or Microsoft Advertising accounts stand and what can be done to get the most out of your budget, decrease your CPA or achieve your other objectives.

Daily PPC Analysis

Adalysis software runs daily diagnostic audits of your PPC accounts, making more than 70 checks at the account, campaign, ad group, and keyword levels. We also audit your Quality Score, analyze your landing pages, bids, and budgets, placements in Display campaigns, and outline your best-performing ads and ad copy elements to boost your PPC strategy. Just log in to your Adalysis dashboard to see all the optimization opportunities we identify based on this analysis and apply them with a single click!

Customizable Alerts

We will let you know of any fluctuations in the most important metrics instantly. You can also set up monitoring alerts yourself for some or all of your campaigns and we will notify you of all the changes. For example, you may want to be notified immediately, once a keyword reaches a specific threshold of clicks or accrued cost or when conversions in your account suddenly drop.

Performance Analyzer

Apart from solely giving you an overview of metrics, we offer you to dig deeper and understand what exactly caused the change with our PPC Performance Analyzer. With this PPC analysis tool, you will instantly see not only WHAT changed but also WHY did it happen.

Performance Analyzer will show you the impacting factors behind the change, and also highlight the most contributing campaigns and ad groups, which will lead you to more data-driven decisions.

For example, you may find out, that number of clicks in your account dropped significantly in the last 30 days. Let’s see how many explanations this can have. Was it because your Quality Score decreased resulting in a higher cost per click and your budget could afford fewer clicks at this price? Or because your CPC was too low to show your ads above search results frequently enough to get clicks? Or because you changed your ad copy and now your CTR is significantly lower, with fewer people clicking your ads? Or, perhaps, you’ve just run out of budget and your impression share was lower than usual? Or, maybe, there were fewer people that were looking for your product overall? Did the clicks drop in all campaigns or was it only one or two that negatively impacted overall performance?

With Adalysis Performance Analyzer you will find this information instantly, without having to spend hours looking for answers in your Google Ads account.

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Free PPC audit

If you want to get a quick overview of how your Google Ads account is doing, try our brand-new Free PPC Audit Tool. In just a couple of minutes, it will generate a comprehensive report which you can use for developing an action plan for boosting your account performance, or onboarding a new client. This tool will save you hours of work typically required to conduct a complete audit manually following a Google Ads audit checklist.

After your PPC audit and analysis are done, it’s time to optimize your PPC performance based on the insights. Adalysis pay-per-click management software offers a suite of more than 20 PPC tools:

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Adalysis was founded in 2013 by PPC experts with more than 20 years of experience under their belt. Since then, we have helped PPC agencies, in-house PPC marketers and small business owners from all over the world to optimize their PPC efforts in the most cost-effective way.

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