Insight And Action – Go beyond Google Ads Editor…

You're looking to improve campaign performance, but Google Ads Editor can only get you so far. Adalysis handles bulk changes and offers smart insight for ongoing campaign optimization – the ideal Google Ads Editor alternative.

An Evolved Solution For Better Google Ads Performance

As a Google Ads Editor alternative, Adalysis works hard in the background at all times, ensuring you never miss a chance to improve your campaign outcomes.

24/7 alerts

Google Ads Editor only works when you’re working. Adalysis runs around the clock, alerting you as soon as a potential issue or advantage is identified and enabling timely action.

One stop shop

From running search terms or N-Gram reports to adjusting bids – our intuitive, all-in-one tool allows you to review reports and take action within the same platform.

Audit Score

Adalysis assigns individual scores for every account based on best practices and performance history. Quickly identify struggling accounts and make changes to turn things around.

Boost Your Productivity with Smart PPC Automation

Meet Your Next Google Ads Analysis Tool

Google Ads Editor can be a helpful bulk management tool –
but it falls short the moment you need to analyze performance…

In-depth analysis

From budget management through to A/B Testing, Ad Inspector, and a suite of additional powerful features, Adalysis allows complete clarity of your Google Ads account performance.

Smart, Automated Actions

Google Ads Editor relies on your manual input. Adalysis acts as your proactive, automated assistant – performing background calculations and running intelligent algorithms to present smart insights and recommendations.

Data-backed Progress

As Google Ads analysis tool, Adalysis offers access to historical data, running this through Performance Analyzer and Quality Score tracking tools. Go beyond the ability of Google Ads Editor – do more than noting changes, identify their root cause.

Accelerate Your Growth with Google Ads Automation

Award-Winning Intuitive Tools

Here is a quick overview of the benefits you will get
with a 14-day free trial using our tools, insights, and testing.

70+ Automatic Checks
Save hours of manual analysis
A/B Testing Tools
Performance driven optimization
20+ Bulk Management Tools
Smarter and faster bulk tasks
Customizable Reports
Live and interactive reporting

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From All Over The World

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