PPC Campaign Builder

PPC Campaign Builder, available among other pay-per-click management tools within the Adalysis PPC software, can be of great assistance when you need to create multiple new ad groups, ads, and keywords from scratch or update the existing ones already in your Google Ads or Microsoft Ads account.

Adalysis PPC Campaign Builder is simple but extremely helpful. You can populate your new campaign with hundreds of ad groups in bulk from a CSV file. On top of that, just with a few clicks, you can create unique ads for each ad group using variables from your file – for example, you may want to include prices in your ad text, specific for each of your products.

Many PPC marketers love leveraging SKAG or Single Keyword Ad Groups in their campaigns. With Adalysis Campaign Builder Tool, generating SKAGs in bulk has never been easier! Additionally, you can create multiple ad texts variations to start testing your creative messages right away and then compare the results of your A/B test.

PPC Ad Generator Tool

Adalysis provides a very flexible and powerful tool that allows you to create one or more ads in bulk in multiple ad groups. Here’s how it works:

  • Choose the type of ads you want to create – Dynamic Search Ads, Expanded Text Ads, or Call-only Ads.
  • Select the ad groups you want to add your new ads to.
  • Either write your Headlines and Descriptions manually or choose Adalysis to automate this process for you.

With the automation option selected, elements of your new ads will be automatically copied from your existing ad groups based on the criteria you select. For example, you may want to populate your new ads with headlines and descriptions from the ads, that have previously been running in the same ad groups and have demonstrated the highest CTR or highest conversion rate. This way you will be sure that your brand-new ads are using your winner copy just right from the start!

Responsive Ad Creation Tool

For all PPC marketers in 2020, it’s worth trying to test Responsive Ads and see how they perform in comparison with common Expanded Text Ads. However, it’s scary even to imagine how much time it will take to create an RSA in each of your ad groups manually.

With Adalysis Responsive Ad Creation Tool, in just a few moments you can create one responsive ad in each of your ad groups regardless of how many of them you have. Moreover, you can either add Headlines and Description manually, or you may rely on data. Adalysis will then suggest you inherit the best performing elements from the same ad group your new RSA is supposed to be published in.

Bulk Upgrade to Expanded Text Ads

Expanded Text Ads were introduced in Google Ads quite a while ago. However, as converting thousands of Standard Text Ads to ETAs manually might look like a nightmare, there are advertisers who are still running Standard Ads in their accounts. This might represent missed opportunity – 3rd headline and 2nd description provide you with a lot more space to tell more about your product and occupy more space, hence, are more visible and increase chances of your ads to be noticed and clicked.

Adalysis ETA upgrade tool allows you to convert your existing Standard Text Ads to Expanded Text Ads in seconds. Also, here you may find additional insights on how to handle the 3rd headline in Expanded Text Ads to make the most out of this opportunity.

Adalysis PPC Management Tools

PPC Campaign Builder and Ad generators are just a few tools available to the users of award-winning Adalysis PPC software. Adalysis will take care of the entire PPC management cycle and is designed to be a one-stop solution for professional PPC marketers.

Here’re some more tools you might be interested in:

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