Join us for a Webinar Examining Search Term Management in the New Match Type World

November 20, 2019 Brad General, Search Terms, Webinars

Last year, Google changed how exact match works, and you needed to adjust how you examined exact match search terms and their management. Earlier this year, Google changed both phrase match and modified broad match. Some people are getting OK results. Others have seen significant increases in CPAs or decreases in ROAS. For example, in […]

How to Work with the Latest Google Ads Match Type Changes

September 24, 2019 Brad General, Keywords, PPC Management, Search Terms

Google recently changed how phrase and modified broad match types work. Here are the new definitions: Phrase match:  Matches of the phrase (or close variations of the phrase) with additional words before or after. Close variations include terms with the same meaning. Modified broad:  All the terms designated with a + sign (or close variations […]

Google Ads filter by match type with chosen Exact Match (close variant)

Exact match is no longer exact match – are you managing the changes correctly?

Exact match is no longer exact match – are you managing the changes correctly? Once upon a time, when you used exact match, you knew exactly what search terms would trigger your ads. Then Google made a slight change that made it so your exact match terms could show for plurals, misspellings, and different word […]

N-gram data on campaign level thumbnail

Using Search Query Data to Inform Negative Keyword or New Product Decisions

October 10, 2017 Brad Keywords, Search Terms

Search Query data is very useful information – it’s what the user actually typed into a search engine. It’s often used in two ways: Find converting keywords not in your account and add them to an account Find non-converting keywords and make them negatives in your account While those are the two most common reasons […]

Account N-gram search terms list thumbnail

Account Level N-Grams are Now Available

June 29, 2017 Brad New Features, Search Terms

We launched campaign level n-grams a while ago, and if you’re not familiar with this powerful way of analyzing your search query data, see this article. Our top n-gram feature request was to also include account level n-grams; and we’re happy to say, we’ve now launched this feature. You can now switch back and forth […]


Analyze Your Query Data in a Brand New Way: N-Grams

June 15, 2016 Brad New Features, Search Terms

We’re on a quest to make managing your overwhelming amount of PPC data much easier. This technique can help you in both Google AdWords and Bing Ads to find negative keywords and insights into your own data. It’s already easy to manage ads, quality score, and make bulk ad changes within Adalysis. We’ve just launched […]

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