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Learn How to Improve Your Landing Page Experience Factor for Better Quality Scores

July 10, 2018 Brad General, Tutorials

Landing Page Experience is 39% of your Quality Scores. It’s essential that they are average or above average to maintain good Quality Scores. There’s a lot of misconceptions around what makes up Landing Page Experience as bounce-back rates, dwell times, and long clicks aren’t common PPC terms, yet working on these items can help to […]

How to Use Attribution Models to Make Data Driven PPC Decisions

How to Use Attribution Models to Make Data Driven PPC Decisions

May 1, 2018 Brad General, Tutorials

Attribution determines how conversion and revenue data is divvied up among clicks when it takes a user multiple visits to convert. According to Nielsen, on average, customers make 6 website visits in the conversion process. That means that if you are not using an attribution model, you are making some of your decisions on incomplete […]

How to Manage AdWords & Bing Ads Negative Keywords

What You Actually Need to Know to Increase Your Quality Scores

April 10, 2018 Brad General, Tutorials

We could talk about Google AdWords Quality Score for hours (even days). But no one has that much time. So we’ve put together the ‘exactly what you need to know’ guide to Quality Score. There’s no hype, frills, or lots of meaningless charts and data. We get to the point – what you need to […]

How to Manage AdWords & Bing Ads Negative Keywords

Everything You Need to Know about Negative Keywords to Improve Your PPC Results

March 12, 2018 Brad General, Tutorials

When we think about optimizing PPC accounts; we’re focused on making sure the right ad is being shown to the right person at the right time. We do this through targeting and organization. To ensure these items are working properly, we need to monitor results. Once we’re happy, then our focus is on getting more. […]

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