Finding Competitive & Data Insights using the Auction Insights Report

November 9, 2021 Brad General, Google Ads Insights, PPC Management

The Auction Insights Report found within Google Ads can tell you a lot about your competition. You can see your primary competitors across your account or by campaign and then use that data to do a full ad analysis for your messaging and ad testing. Trending this data weekly can help see if your competitor’s […]

Get Your Free Google Ads Audit

October 15, 2021 Brad Google Ads Insights, PPC Management

We have launched a free audit tool that you can use to understand your account and its opportunities. With the report, you can easily: Understand how well your account is performing Find new optimization opportunities Receive instant reports that can be shared with your team or clients Download the audit to include in new client […]

Working with Google’s Broad Match Modifier & Phrase Match Changes

February 5, 2021 Brad General, Google Ads Insights, PPC Management

Google announced they will be sunsetting broad match modifier and changing phrase match to work like the old broad match modifier. These changes should be rolled out by July 2021, and then, you will no longer be able to create broad match modifier terms. That means your old phrase match terms will expand to show […]

Quickly Adapt Your PPC Messages

Adapt Your PPC Messaging to the Current Shifting Consumer Behavior

September 16, 2020 Brad General, Google Ads Insights

We recently presented a deck at the Google Marketing Conference that looks at how to adapt your PPC messaging during Covid-19. As consumer behavior and their search patterns have changed during these times, PPC marketers must also adapt to their customer’s needs. We’ve included the full video along with the written transcript. We hope you […]

How to Create Effective RSAs (Responsive Search Ads) in Google Ads

May 5, 2020 Brad General, Google Ads Insights

Google Ads launched Responsive Search ads (RSAs) in 2018. The goal was that you could just write several headlines and descriptions, and Google would figure out the best combination of lines to show to any user. When they launched, there was a lot of speculation that Google would retire the current Expanded Text ads or […]

bid adjustments depending on automated strategy

How Bid Adjustments are used by Bidding Method

February 3, 2020 Brad General, Google Ads Insights

Bid adjustments can be very useful in manipulating your bids to hit your target goals. If you find that a certain time of day, audience, or device is doing really well, it’s easy to increase your bids. If you find that there’s an age range or location where you are not doing well, it’s easy […]

How to Graph the New Top and Absolute Top Impression Rate Google Ads Metrics vs Conversions, CPA and Other Data

June 19, 2019 Brad General, Google Ads Insights

As Google Ads is sunsetting average position later this year, we’re still working through the best ways to replace this simple metric so we can pull full insights from our account. At the moment, using absolute top and top rates are the easiest way to replace the lost piece of information. However, these metrics are […]

How Using Broad Match Can Lower Your CTR as Your Quality Score Increases

April 23, 2019 Brad General, Google Ads Insights

When you use broad match, you can show for semantically similar keywords. This means that if you have the keyword laptop, you could show for the search term Alienware Gaming Computer as they are both computers or you could show for something highly related such as laptop or ultraportable. Google does not automatically show you […]

How to Graph the New Impression and Click Share Metrics to Find Data Insights in Your Google Ads Account

April 9, 2019 Brad General, Google Ads Insights

Average position is going away later this year, so it’s time to start looking towards the new metrics and how to use them to find data insights. Some of these new numbers that we’re going to use for our insights don’t exist in the Google Ads interface, so we need to create them our self, […]

The 6 Most Underused Google Ads Features

March 26, 2019 Brad General, Google Ads Insights

I was having a conversation with a large agency in a small country and they had mentioned that their Google Ads rep told them they were the only agency in their country to have ever changed the ad rotation option. While that seems fairly unbelievable (I believe the rep told them that, but it being […]

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