How to Test RSAs like a Pro

Watch the Video of our SMX Advanced Session: How to Test RSAs Like a Pro

October 3, 2023 Brad Ad Testing, General, PPC Management

At SMX Advanced we covered a large variety of RSA topics, such as: Why ETAs outperform RSAs How to increase RSAs effectiveness Ad elements you should include in your ads How Ad Strength affects your data What Pinning does to your RSAs Four different ways to test RSAs We hope you enjoy the session 🙂

How to Test Responsive Search Ads (RSA) in Google Ads and Microsoft Ads

September 16, 2022 Brad Ad Testing, General

There is a common fallacy that you don’t need to test RSAs which are now the default ad type. Your ad is one of the most critical elements of your account since it persuades a user to come to your site and take an action. You need to ensure you’re serving the best possible RSAs […]

RSA Optimization Series: Part 2 – Learn to Create and Test RSAs in Google Ads

February 23, 2022 Brad Ad Testing, Ads, General, Google Ads Insights

Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) will be the default ad type in Google Ads starting later this year. In our last post, we looked at a data comparison of RSAs vs ETAs. In today’s post, we will examine how to create and test RSAs. The options to create and test RSAs can quickly become confusing with […]

How & Why to Test Ads and Landing Page Combinations

April 2, 2019 Brad Ad Testing, General

We were working with a mid-sized service based company that serviced all of Texas. As the state is quite large, they had a website that just said they’d do electrical work anywhere in the state but they didn’t focus on any one area for their website outside of the entire state. They realized that with […]

How to Craft a Compelling Call To Action (CTA)

February 18, 2019 Brad Ad Testing, General

A call to action is an ad component that tells a user what you want them to do. Adding a call to action can often increase conversion rates and decrease CTR. The reason it increases conversion rates is you are telling a user what to do. Therefore, these ads are often clicked on by users […]

How Do Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) compare to Expanded Text Ads (ETAs)?

February 12, 2019 Brad Ad Testing, General

Responsive Search Ads allow you to create multiple headlines and descriptions and then let Google do all the optimization work for you. When the ad format first launched, we had high hopes that RSAs would allow us to get lots of stats for ad testing, easily find top combinations, and then create ETAs that were […]

Ad copies creation formulas thumbnail

How to Work with Google’s 3rd Headline & When to Just Ignore It

September 24, 2018 Brad Ad Testing, General

Your ad is the only part of your account that a user sees. Perfecting your ad message is crucial to attracting the correct type of traffic that will lead to you hitting your business goals. The two big questions these days are: How much control do you want over your messaging? Who is better at […]

Ads performance comparison table thumbnail

Why Google Ads ‘Optimize’ Ad Serving Often Fails to Show Your Best Ad

September 18, 2018 Brad Ad Testing, Google Ads Insights, PPC Management

There’s often a great debate over ad rotation. Should you use Google’s highly recommended Optimize or the ad tester’s preferred method Do Not Optimize? We took a look at just a few ad groups for one of our advertisers to show them why ‘optimize’ is not working for them; and we’d like to share a […]

UK Biddable Media Awards 18 Winner

The Best Ad Testing Metrics to Use for Your Google Ads & Bing Ads Accounts

September 11, 2018 Brad Ad Testing, Google Ads Insights, PPC Management

Ad testing is an essential part of managing your PPC account. To properly test ads, you must also be choosing winners and losers based upon metrics that further your overall account goals. Unfortunately, CTR (click through rate), conversion rate, and even CPA are too often used in choosing winners and losers when they are rarely […]

Comparison of Google Ads suggestions and manually created ads performance

How Google’s Automated Ad Suggestions Are Performing

August 21, 2018 Brad Ad Testing, Google Ads Insights

Google Ads launched ad suggestions last year. By default, you are enabled into this program. What this program does is: Create ads for you Gives you 14 days to approve or reject the ad If there is no rejection, then the ad is automatically added live in your account You can easily turn off this […]

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