Analyze Your Google Ads Audience Data with this Free Data Studio Template

October 15, 2019 Brad General, Reporting

Analyzing your audience data within Google Ads can be difficult, especially as it crosses over campaigns and ad groups. To make this data easier to visualize and understand, we’ve created a free Google Data Studio report that makes it easier to visualize your audience data. The report consists of eight pages: Audience overview All audience […]

The Free Google Data Studio Performance Analyzer Template has been Updated with New Information

October 1, 2019 Brad General, Performance Analyzer, Reporting

We’ve updated the Google Data Studio template that we use for the Performance Analyzer KPI monitoring series with several new features. If you’re not familiar with this template, it’s the easiest way to tell data driven PPC stories by just glancing at a metric comparison. The New Features Top & Absolute Top Impression Share As […]

The Two Videos You Need to Watch to Get Started with Google Data Studio

June 27, 2019 Brad General, Reporting

We use Google Data Studio extensively. It allows you to easily visualize data, create reports, and update the reports. When we talk to in-house and agency members alike, one of the biggest time sinks in the entire company is reporting. While we’ve made Data Studio Templates available for free, some people are struggling to always […]

Get More Auction Insights Competitor Information with this Free Data Studio Template

June 11, 2019 Brad General, Reporting

Auction insights can help you gain insights into your competitors. This information can be used in several different ways: Get an overall idea of competitor coverage The auction insights will show you your impression share versus your competitors. You can then see how often each of you appear above each other in the search results […]

Automate your PPC Reports for Free – We’re Giving Away Google Ads Reporting Templates for Data Studio

May 14, 2019 Brad General, Reporting

PPC reporting is one of the most time consuming tasks for PPC Marketers. Looking across many different studies of PPC reporting, the average agency is spending 3-7 days per month on reporting. The average in-house team is spending 2-3 days each month on reporting. Of course, those are averages. For those who have automated reporting […]

Google Ads timeframe options thumbnail

Understanding Time Frame Comparisons: Do Not Fall For this Google Bug (Feature?)

A common tactic for analyzing your Google Ads data is to do a year over year comparison of the data (or a timeframe vs a timeframe). This is especially true when you do a reorganization, and something seems off in your data. In those cases, you often jump to your search terms data and do […]

Campaign performance visualisation chart thumbnail

How to Turn Complex PPC Data into Simple Stories

An important aspect of PPC is having your client (which might be your boss or an internal division) understand what is happening in the account from a data perspective and then adding context to the numbers so that someone can easily grasp what is happening. To accomplish this we need: An easy way to visualize […]

Google Data Studio live and interactive dashboards

PPC Reporting is Now Available

August 7, 2017 Brad New Features, Reporting

Our latest feature release is PPC reporting for Adwords and Google Analytics accounts (Bing Ads and Facebook will follow shortly). Adalysis now provides over 250 pages of various ready made reports that you can either simply use as is, or customize to add/remove any additional elements or branding. The reports are interactive allowing you to zoom […]

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