5 Steps You Should Take Before Using Broad Match Keywords

April 30, 2024 Brad General, Keywords, PPC Management

Google has once again increased the frequency with which it encourages everyone to use broad match everywhere in their accounts, regardless of the circumstances. Broad match does have some differences in how it works versus other match types. However, these differences aren’t always advantages. Let’s take a look at these primary differences. The user’s recent […]

How to Create Proper Keyword Themed Ad Groups for Google Ads Accounts

January 18, 2022 Brad General, Keywords, PPC Management

As Responsive Search Ads become more popular, we’ve seen a decline in properly structured ad groups. With Google’s promise of putting the correct ad assets together based upon the search query, creating well-themed ad groups has started to decline. However, even with RSAs, a single ad cannot describe everything. You still need well-themed ad groups […]

How to Work with the Latest Google Ads Match Type Changes

September 24, 2019 Brad General, Keywords, PPC Management, Search Terms

Google recently changed how phrase and modified broad match types work. Here are the new definitions: Phrase match:  Matches of the phrase (or close variations of the phrase) with additional words before or after. Close variations include terms with the same meaning. Modified broad:  All the terms designated with a + sign (or close variations […]

Ad group and keywords organization flowchart

Follow An Easy Flow Chart to Properly Organize Your Ad Groups

August 7, 2018 Brad General, Google Ads Insights, Keywords

As we look across accounts; one of the biggest issues we see time and time again is how ad groups are organized. It’s called an Ad Group for a reason; the ad is what the searcher sees. A keyword’s job is just to match to a query to decide if an ad can show or […]

N-gram data on campaign level thumbnail

Using Search Query Data to Inform Negative Keyword or New Product Decisions

October 10, 2017 Brad Keywords, Search Terms

Search Query data is very useful information – it’s what the user actually typed into a search engine. It’s often used in two ways: Find converting keywords not in your account and add them to an account Find non-converting keywords and make them negatives in your account While those are the two most common reasons […]

Conflicting keywords

How to Diagnose & Work With Keyword Conflicts

May 4, 2017 Brad Keywords

A keyword conflict is when you are blocking your ads from showing on active keywords. These are keywords you want to have running; and they aren’t showing your ads due to conflicts. For instance, let’s say this is our keyword list: Blue shoes Blue Nike shoes Green shoes Green Nike shoes etc If our negative […]

N-gram search terms data

How to Analyze the Exact Match Change

March 20, 2017 Brad Keywords, New Features

Google just made a huge announcement: Exact match keywords can now show for semantic matching queries and not just syntactic matching queries. What this means in reality is that your exact match keywords may show: When the query is in the reverse order of the keyword [New York City Flights] can now match to the […]

Alerts filtered by type of issue thumbnail

How to Find & Fix Common Negative Keyword Problems in PPC Accounts

February 23, 2017 Brad Keywords

In our last article, we covered the basics of negative keywords: What they are Negative keyword match types Where to add them How to find them In this article, we will examine some of the most common problems with negative keywords. Inconsistent Usage One of the most common problems in larger accounts is that they […]

Negative keywords function in blocking search queries thumbnail

The Negative Keyword Primer for PPC

February 2, 2017 Brad Keywords

Negative keywords are just as important to the success of your paid search account as positive keywords. At their basic level, negatives are filtering words – they stop your ads from showing. At a more crucial level, they can keep your ads from wasting money and impressions on irrelevant search queries, which leads to: Increased […]

Alpha/Beta or Managed/Discovery Workflow thumbnail

Managing Low Volume Keywords in the Alpha/Beta or Managed/Discovery Workflow

April 12, 2016 Brad Keywords

The workflow often known as Alpha/Beta or Managed/Discovery works like this: Discovery campaign (beta): Use modified broad match keywords When a search query consistently receives conversions; then you make it a negative exact match in the search campaign and add it as an exact match keyword in the managed (alpha) campaign     This structure […]

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