5 Steps You Should Take Before Using Broad Match Keywords

April 30, 2024 Brad General, Keywords, PPC Management

Google has once again increased the frequency with which it encourages everyone to use broad match everywhere in their accounts, regardless of the circumstances. Broad match does have some differences in how it works versus other match types. However, these differences aren’t always advantages. Let’s take a look at these primary differences. The user’s recent […]

Learn the Intricacies of Target vs Max CPA and ROAS Bidding [Video]

January 18, 2024 Brad General, PPC Management

Target and Max CPA/ROAS bidding are the most common automated bid solutions used by Google Ads accounts. There are some subtle differences between how these two systems work that can cause dramatically different results. In our last SMX Session, one of the sections we covered was target vs CPA bidding. Here’s a 17 minute, highly […]

When to use Target vs. Max CPA & ROAS Bidding Strategies for Google Ads

October 17, 2023 Brad General, PPC Management

Target and Max bidding are separated by a single checkbox. However, the implications of that single check can be quite large in how your campaign performs. In this article, we’ll explain the differences in the bid methods and when to use each one based on your data and your goals. What is Max Conversion & […]

How to Test RSAs like a Pro

Watch the Video of our SMX Advanced Session: How to Test RSAs Like a Pro

October 3, 2023 Brad Ad Testing, General, PPC Management

At SMX Advanced we covered a large variety of RSA topics, such as: Why ETAs outperform RSAs How to increase RSAs effectiveness Ad elements you should include in your ads How Ad Strength affects your data What Pinning does to your RSAs Four different ways to test RSAs We hope you enjoy the session 🙂

How to Build Highly Effective Google Ads Custom Audiences

June 6, 2023 Brad General, PPC Management

Google Ads custom audience segments can be a powerful way to reach your target market. Unfortunately, most custom segments aren’t created correctly. These segments either use too many targeting options, skip over vital settings, or are built for mass views as opposed to reaching the correct audience. In this video, we’ll walk you through how […]

How to Evaluate Search Partners on Google Ads & Microsoft Ads

February 14, 2023 Brad General, PPC Management

Google Ads has two different networks where your search ads can show. The first is the most familiar to advertisers, Google.com, and Google owned sites such as Google Play, Google Maps, Google Shopping, and other Google owned properties. The other network is known as the Google Search Network. These are non-Google owned sites that show […]

How to Test Responsive Search Ads (RSA) in Google Ads and Microsoft Ads

September 16, 2022 Brad Ad Testing, General

There is a common fallacy that you don’t need to test RSAs which are now the default ad type. Your ad is one of the most critical elements of your account since it persuades a user to come to your site and take an action. You need to ensure you’re serving the best possible RSAs […]

RSA Optimization Series: Part 4 – PPC Tools to Make RSA Creation, Optimization, and Management Easy

June 7, 2022 Brad Ads, General

We’ve been hard at work for the past several months to bring you tools to efficiently manage the transition from ETAs to RSAs and their ongoing management. During that time, we’ve done a significant amount of analysis on ETAs and RSAs, which you can see throughout the RSA series: Part 1 – RSAs vs. ETAs […]

How to Steer the Google Ads Machine with Negative Keywords

May 17, 2022 Brad General, PPC Management

One of the most crucial PPC tasks is negative keyword management. In the past 3-5 years, managing negative keywords has increased in importance and complexity as much, or more, than any other PPC management tactic. There are a few reasons for this. Looser Match Types With the changes to exact and phrase match over the […]

RSA Optimization Series: Part 3 – Everything You Need to Know About Ad Strength

April 5, 2022 Brad Ads, General, Google Ads Insights

In our continuing series on RSAs, we will take an in-depth look at the RSA ad strength.  In this post, we will cover: How many headlines you need to achieve an ad strength score of ‘Excellent’. How pinning affects your ad strength. How ad strength correlates with impressions, CTR and conversion rate. What is Ad […]

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