Join us for a Webinar Examining Search Term Management in the New Match Type World

November 20, 2019 Brad General, Search Terms, Webinars

Last year, Google changed how exact match works, and you needed to adjust how you examined exact match search terms and their management. Earlier this year, Google changed both phrase match and modified broad match. Some people are getting OK results. Others have seen significant increases in CPAs or decreases in ROAS. For example, in […]

PPC Week announcement

Join us for a Free Online Week of PPC Awesomeness

July 26, 2017 Brad Webinars

PPC Week is a free week of PPC tips & tricks from the experts. Hear from: Brad Geddes (co-founder of Adalysis) Adobe Microsoft Unbounce Fred Vallaeys (ex-Googler) and more.. The topics include: Ad & Landing page testing Audience targeting & strategies Excel tips & tricks Analytics & reporting This is an online event that will […]

Finch & Adalysis on the webinar "How to Master Attribution Modeling"

Free Attribution Webinar: Join us to learn how and when to use different attribution models

March 28, 2017 Brad Webinars

Attribution is a buzzword that if often tossed around to make bidding and channel management seem overly complex. In reality, attribution can be very simple. Or as complex as you want to make it. The first step to working with attribution is to understand not just how a model works, but when to use each […]

Marc Poirier, Brad Geddes, John A. Lee, Anders Hjorth on the webinar "2017 PPC predictions" thumbnail

2017 Predictions Webinar & Ebook are Live

February 9, 2017 Brad Webinars

We worked with Acquisio, Microsoft, and altima° North America to bring you the 2017 PPC predictions. These predictions and discussion should help you think about what you need to accomplish this year and starting thinking about the future. Some of the big conversations center around: Attribution management & theories Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and heuristic […]

Factors that increasing Ad Rank

The Quality Score Webinar is Now Online

January 24, 2017 Brad Quality Score, Webinars

We recently did a great Quality Score webinar with Finch. If you’ve not looked at Finch before; it’s a very interesting software solution for ecommerce accounts. From a Quality Score perspective, in the webinar, we walk through how to work with Quality Score, it’s factors, etc; and then Finch walks through their ‘Wheel of Goodness’ […]

Join Us for a Free Webinar on the Future of Digital Marketing

January 16, 2017 Brad Webinars

Happy New Year! With the new year comes new challenges. What should you be doing today in your accounts? What should you be doing tomorrow? What are the future trends that if you’re not following, you’ll find yourself falling behind the competition? Get answers, thoughts, and insights to these questions and more in this free […]

Finch & Adalysis on the webinar "Cracking Google's Black Box: How to Increase Your Quality Score"

Free Webinar: Cracking Google’s Black Box: How to Increase Your Quality Score

January 10, 2017 Brad Quality Score, Webinars

Quality Score is an important component of managing any PPC account as it can dramatically affect your ad display, positions, and CPCs. To help you understand quality scores and how to increase them, Finch & Adalysis will be presenting a webinar that covers: Quality Score overview How it affects your ad display The factors of […]

Webinar "Step-By-Step Transition To Google Expanded Text Ads Like-A-Pro"

Join Us for a Live Webinar on How to Transition to ETAs like a Pro

October 27, 2016 Brad Ads, Webinars

  Google’s new Expanded Text Ad format is a chance to re-imagine your ads. It’s also a chance to become completely overwhelmed with the amount of work that needs to be done in a short amount of time. Acquisio & Adalysis will be hosting a webinar that will help you walk through: The transition Techniques […]

Free webinar "Ad Testing: A New World Order"

Join us for a Free Ad Testing Webinar brought to you by Unbounce & Adalysis

October 11, 2016 Brad Webinars

  Facebook ads, ETAs, paid search ads, display ads, and any other ad format relies on a process for great testing: Testing ideas Hypothesis Data metrics Statistical significance Taking action Insights In this webinar, we’ll cover ad testing with Facebook, how to test in paid search, and testing metrics and processes that can be used across […]

Avinash Kaushik,Jennifer Cario, Brad Geddes, Ray Rike on the webinar "The Current Status & Future of Digital Marketing"

The Current Status & Future of Digital Marketing Webinar Recording

September 14, 2016 Brad Webinars

We recently did a webinar thinking about the future of digital marketing, the current trends, and what businesses need to do to succeed with digital. The participants were: Avinash Kaushik | Web Analytics Faculty Chair, Market Motive, Digital Marketing Evangelist for Google Jennifer Cario | Social Media Faculty Chair, Market Motive, President SugarSpun Marketing Brad […]

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