How to Increase Your Quality Score’s Ad Relevancy Factor

August 10, 2021 Brad General, Quality Score

Google Ads Quality Score is made up of 3 primary factors: Expected CTR, Landing Page Experience, and Ad Relevancy. We’ve previously examined how to improve Quality Score and Understanding and improving Landing Page Experience. In this video, we will dig into the Ad Relevancy portion of Google’s Quality Score. While ad relevancy is only 22% […]

Unstable quality score trend thumbnail

16 Common Quality Score Trends. Some should give you a raise and others get you fired

October 10, 2017 Brad Quality Score

We launched the ability to graph out keyword and ad group quality scores and their subfactors a while ago. Ever since; we’ve been looking at common Quality Score patterns and some of the reasons behind those patterns. In this article; we’ll look at the good, the bad, and the truly confusing. The Flatline The flatline […]

Quality score graph

Finding Quality Score Insights with Historical Graphs & Recent Quality Score Changes

June 26, 2017 Brad New Features, Quality Score

Analyzing how your Quality Score changes over time can give you great insights into what ads and landing pages are leading to your best Quality Scores. It also lets you see as you conduct ad testing how this can improve your Quality Scores. When we think of Quality Score, it is made up of three […]

Quality score analysis dashboard

Six Ways Adalysis Can Help You Diagnose and Improve Quality Scores

May 16, 2017 Brad New Features, Quality Score

Google recently announced that you can see more Quality Score data in AdWords including historical Quality Score. Being the first system to let you see and filter on all the sub factors (Expected CTR, Landing Page Experience, and Ad Relevance), we’re all for transparency in reporting. While Google has brought more data to Quality Score, […]

Factors that increasing Ad Rank

The Quality Score Webinar is Now Online

January 24, 2017 Brad Quality Score, Webinars

We recently did a great Quality Score webinar with Finch. If you’ve not looked at Finch before; it’s a very interesting software solution for ecommerce accounts. From a Quality Score perspective, in the webinar, we walk through how to work with Quality Score, it’s factors, etc; and then Finch walks through their ‘Wheel of Goodness’ […]

Quality score percentages by factor

Visible Quality Score versus Auction Quality Score

January 12, 2017 Brad Quality Score

Most articles on Quality Score are a bit confusing as what you see inside of the AdWords interface and what the articles mention (lowering CPCs, raising positions) are based upon two entirely different numbers. Quality Score, along with your ad extensions and bid determine your ad rank; how high your ad is positioned compared to […]

Finch & Adalysis on the webinar "Cracking Google's Black Box: How to Increase Your Quality Score"

Free Webinar: Cracking Google’s Black Box: How to Increase Your Quality Score

January 10, 2017 Brad Quality Score, Webinars

Quality Score is an important component of managing any PPC account as it can dramatically affect your ad display, positions, and CPCs. To help you understand quality scores and how to increase them, Finch & Adalysis will be presenting a webinar that covers: Quality Score overview How it affects your ad display The factors of […]

Charts graph CTR by Quality Score thumbnail

Why It’s Impossible to Project ‘Above Average’ CTRs in Quality Score

August 11, 2016 Brad Quality Score

We’re often asked by advertisers questions such as “I have a 44% CTR, why does Google say my expected CTR is average”. Now, 44% is high, and that’s for a brand term. However, we’ll see some accounts where non-brand needs at least a 15% CTR to be ‘above average’. As expected CTR is a major […]

Heatmap with the intersection of ideas for headlines and descriptions, and producible CTR

A Different Way to Think About Ad Relevance in Quality Scores

July 28, 2016 Brad Ads, Quality Score

Ad Relevance makes up 22% of your visible quality score and it can be a difficult item to work with since it doesn’t always make logical or semantic sense. For instance, an easy way of thinking about relevance is semantically. If the keywords and overall idea is in the ad, then the ad should be […]

Heatmap with the intersection of ideas for headlines and descriptions, and producible CTR

The In-Depth Quality Score Webinar is Now Online

July 21, 2016 Brad Quality Score, Webinars

We recently did a webinar with Acquisio that dug deeply into Quality Scores. We covered: Each of the quality score components The weighting of each component How to increase each of the sub factors Easy workflows for improving your quality scores And much more The webinar recording is now online and you can view it […]

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