7 Advanced Google Shopping Strategies

By Brad


Google Ads Insights

Competing in Google Shopping is tough, but its fundamental to retailers success as it now accounts for more spend than search ads in the USA.

To be successful there are 7 key things that you need to do, which are broken down in this infographic. The first is to segment search queries by brand v non brand, so that you can set different bids, which can be done using two campaigns and adding the branded terms as a negative in one. Secondly keeping your pricing competitive is very important in shopping, increase your prices and you could see more than half of your conversions disappear.

Bidding on Google Shopping is much more volatile too, so testing your bid extensively is a must to get the best ROI. Want to generate more impressions for your key terms, simple add them to the product titles and see your impressions soar. Not every product is the same, some will have high profit margins and other much smaller so its key to separate your products by ID so you can set bids for each product.

Conversion rate varies hugely by time of the day and day of the week. To combat this it is important to use a 24 hour bidding scripts to change your bids hourly for maximum ROI. Finally comes RLSA, people who have visited your site already are more than two times more likely to purchase from you, so its a smart idea to increase your bids to capitalize on that high converting traffic.

Infographic contributed by Clicteq – https://clicteq.com/definitive-guide-google-shopping-ads/

This is a guest post by Wesley is Founder and CEO at Clicteq. He currently manages an AdWords portfolio across a range of different sectors. He regularly features in leading search publications such as Search Engine Journal, Econsultancy and Certified Knowledge.

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