What You Actually Need to Know to Increase Your Quality Scores

By Brad


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We could talk about Google AdWords Quality Score for hours (even days). But no one has that much time. So we’ve put together the ‘exactly what you need to know’ guide to Quality Score.

There’s no hype, frills, or lots of meaningless charts and data. We get to the point – what you need to know to get great Quality Scores.

This doesn’t mean we’ve skipped over the details, it means we only focus on the details you really need to know, such as:

  • What is Quality Score
  • How Quality Score is used
  • What factors affect Quality Score
  • How to increase each factor
  • Learn to trend Quality Score
  • Determine where to start improving Quality Score
  • The Quality Score Improvement workflow

To quickly learn everything you really need to know about Quality Score, please watch this short video.

You Can Automate this Analysis with Easy Workflows

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