Adalysis is Officially Open For Business

By Brad



The idea for Adalysis was born in March of 2012 over a lunch meeting in Munich.

We specked out the system, and started to code. A year easily went by just working through working with APIs, designing custom algorithms that could accommodate testing that was fully automated. This meant there was no need for the typical ‘control’ ad; but we could fully automate every aspect of testing.

Early in 2013, we had a working prototype that was fit for us to use for testing our own accounts, but wasn’t ready for primetime. Even the early prototype made my ad testing so much easier.

By the end of 2013, we launched a beta program with a handful of advertisers, and over the beta period we’ve added a number of large brands and very smart marketers.

Throughout 2014, we’ve added new testing metrics, allowed the system to scale (some MCCs have 50 – 100 million ads in them), and redesigned the interface to be very user friendly.

I’m happy to announce that we’ve officially launched to everyone.

For the next two weeks, we’re going to offer a 25% discount and a two week free trial to early adopters.

Just visit the Free Trial page to take advantage of this offer.

Thanks for everyone’s support over the past couple years, your feedback and thoughts on testing have allowed us to build the most robust PPC testing system around.

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