Automatically Pause & Replace Your Losing Ads

By Brad


Ad Testing, New Features

We just launched a new feature that will automatically pause your losing ads and optionally replace them with new ads.

You can see a video of how to use this feature; or read below more about it.

Automatically Pause Losing Ads

To use this feature, navigate to your Single-Adgroup Tests and then to the Loser Ads Auto Pause Screen.

Next, follow these steps:

  • Choose the ad groups you wish to enable the feature
  • Choose Loser Ad Auto Pause Settings…
  • Enable automatic pausing
  • Choose the minimum number of ads that should be left in the ad group after the auto pause takes place
  • Optionally, choose the criteria for when an ad should be auto paused
  • Save


We suggest you go ahead and try this AdWords automation yourself with Adalysis 14 days free trial.

Draft Ads

Next, if you want to create draft ads; ads that are automatically pushed live once an ad is auto paused (you can also apply these ads at any ad creation screen); follow these steps:

  • Choose the ad groups where you want to create draft ads and click on Create New Draft Ad…
  • If you want to inherit data from your current ad that will be replaced, check the box next to the appropriate field
    • Note: Final URLs and Paths are automatically inherited from the loser ad that will be auto-paused
  • Write the ad lines for any non-inherited lines
  • Save the draft ad


The Interface

In the auto pause interface, you will see 3 additional columns:

  • Auto pause enabled. Checked for enabled, unchecked otherwise.
  • Minimum ads left running: this is the fewest ads we’ll leave active in an ad group after the auto-pause takes place
  • Draft ads in queue: How many draft ads are currently in the queue for that ad group



If you are new to Adalysis and just have too many ads right now; then enabling this feature can help you automatically start pausing your losing ads to push your impressions towards your best ads.

If you don’t have enough time to login and pause losers, this will help you with automatically pausing loser ads.

If you are looking to automate the pausing and pushing live of new ads, then using both the auto pause and draft ads feature should further automate your ad testing experience.

If you’d like even more information about this feature; you can see the knowledgebase article here.

We hope you enjoy the new features 🙂

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