Brad Geddes and Alberto Merola on the webinar "Reverse Engineering the AdWords Quality Score for Lower CPC"

Join us for an In-Depth Webinar on Quality Score

May 26, 2016 Brad Quality Score, Webinars

We’re joining the Acquisio team for an in-depth look at Quality Score that’s open to anyone on June 2nd. There’s a few topics we’ll cover in the webinar. Quality Score Importance Quality Score is one of the most important and least important numbers in your AdWords account at the same time. When its bad, it […]

Quality Score Analysis

How to Diagnose & Increase Your Quality Scores in Adalysis

May 10, 2016 Brad Quality Score

We recently launched several new features to make diagnosing and improving your quality scores in AdWords & Bing easy to do within Adalysis. This quick video tutorial will walk you through the process and give you some quality score insights on how to diagnose and increase your quality scores using these new features. You can see […]

Quality Score improvement flowchart thumbnail

Easy To Follow Instructions to Increasing Your Quality Score

March 22, 2016 Brad Quality Score

Quality Score optimization is essential to any PPC account. Increasing your quality scores can: Decrease your CPC Increase your ad position Cause your ad to show if its not showing due to poor quality scores Cause your ad to show on more matching queries (depending on match types) There’s two factors to increasing quality score: […]

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