Watch the Video of our SMX Advanced Session: How to Test RSAs Like a Pro

By Brad


Ad Testing, General, PPC Management

At SMX Advanced we covered a large variety of RSA topics, such as:

  • Why ETAs outperform RSAs
  • How to increase RSAs effectiveness
  • Ad elements you should include in your ads
  • How Ad Strength affects your data
  • What Pinning does to your RSAs
  • Four different ways to test RSAs

We hope you enjoy the session 🙂

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  • Chris Schutte

    Great video Brad! We work with clients that have really small budgets, and obviously, every impression is important to them, Pinning headlines really helps us get their ads out of the blocks, They don’t have the time or budget to let Google test combinations for 90,000 impressions!

    • Brad

      Glad to hear you’re using pinning. It’s so underused by smaller companies that it’s hurting their marketing. Good job 🙂

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