Adalysis Now Supports RSAs (Responsive Search Ads)

By Brad


New Features

Responsive search ads allow you to create multiple headlines and descriptions while Google will mix and match the combinations when showing your ads. At the moment, you can only get impression numbers for each line (or even total ad format) so there’s a limited amount of information that you can learn from them.

There are multiple ways in which Adalysis now supports these new ads.

Viewing them

On the ads screen, you can view your RSAs. You can’t edit or create them yet. It’s easy to view them by just filtering by ad type or looking at the new ‘Ad type’ column.

Single ad group testing

These ads are now included in all single ad group tests. If an ad group has ETAs and RSAs in them, we’ll show you the metrics for each ad.  By glancing at the ‘Ad type’ column you can see which type of ad it is.

If the RSA is the losing ad, you can pause it from within the ad testing screen (or any other screen where you see RSAs).

Multi-ad group testing

As we can’t get stats by each line, and technically RSAs don’t have a headline 1, they have a headline asset that can be rendered in any headline position (or not displayed at all). hence, there’s not a way to test these ads by patterns in multi-ad group testing.

However, if you want to see how your RSAs are performing against your ETAs, or you even want to test RSA ideas against each other, you can do so with multi-ad group label testing.

For example, we labeled our expanded text ads with ETA and our responsive search ads with RSA. Now we can run a label test to see how each of these ad types is performing:

If you wanted to know if creating 3 RSA headlines is better or worse than creating 8 RSA headlines, you can add a label for 3 headlines and a label for 8 headlines and then test those combinations against each other. You won’t know what lines caused your ads to do better or worse as Google is not releasing that data right now, but you can get some ideas through multi-ad group label testing.

Labeling your RSAs is easy in Adalysis. Just go to your ads tab, filter for only RSAs, select all, then apply the label.

As Google releases more stats on RSA lines and data, we will be able to support more RSA features and testing. Stay tuned for future developments.

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