New Alert Structure & Bidding Alerts to Make Account Management Even Easier

By Brad


New Features

For a while, we displayed the automatic audit alerts in 2 categories:

  • Critical (meaning they cover issues that stopped ad serving), and
  • Optimization (for everything else)

For some users, the above categories might not have adequately highlighted issues that might not have stopped ad serving but were hampering the effectiveness of the account. To more easily separate what you need to accomplish versus other ideas that will improve your account, but can wait until the high priority items are finished, we have reworked the alert system.

We’ve now replaced the ‘critical alerts’ category with ‘high priority alerts’. These include critical alerts that stop ad serving, plus other important alerts that should be examined before you move to the rest of the optimization alerts.

We understand that you don’t always have lots of time to manage everything. Hence, we’ve also changed how the ‘snooze’ feature works to help you organize your dashboard tasks in an easier way. You can now snooze an alert until the next time the audit checks run again (or a specific date) if you want to temporarily remove it from your dashboard list of alerts. Alternatively, you can also disable an alert altogether if you don’t think it’s relevant to your account or management approach.

You can view a list of all your snoozed or disabled alerts (within the dashboard) and re-enable them at any time.

Keyword Bid & Bid Adjustment Changes

If you are bidding manually, it can be difficult to stay on top of all your bids. We have added alerts to make it easy to manage bids from custom bidding to raising keyword bids to top of page or first page.

We have also reworked the bidding and bid adjustment alerts workflow so that you can change bids and bid adjustments without ever leaving the dashboard.

When you click on any of those items, you’ll be able to adjust any bid suggestion criteria and apply bid changes in a matter of seconds. This should make managing manual bids and bid adjustments even easier within Adalysis. As usual, if you want to see all the bid adjustments, bidding map, aggregate data, and so forth, you can still navigate to the bid adjustment section and analyze your data in great detail.

You can find the help files and videos for the new features here:

Keyword Bid Suggestions
Bid Adjustment Recommendations
Keywords below recommended bids

We hope you enjoy the new streamlined workflow and new features ????

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