New Adalysis Features: Duplicate Ad Checker & Workflow Improvement

By Brad


New Features

We’ve just launched two new features to help your PPC workflow.

Filter for duplicate ads

It’s easy to accidently create duplicate ads. When you have a duplicate, you’re not testing or learning anything; so it’s best to pause your duplicate ads so that only your unique ads are running. You can easily accomplish this with the new ‘Ad groups with duplicate ads’ filter.


Simply click on the filter; and then we’ll show you the ad groups that contain duplicate ads:



You can click through the ad groups and pause the duplicates (or other ads, make edits, etc) as you like.

Auto Mark Reviewed

When you are examining your search terms to add them as positive or negative keywords, or reviewing your n-gram data, it’s easy to forget what you have reviewed and what still needs to be reviewed.

If you add a search query as a positive or negative keyword, or add an n-gram as a negative keyword, we’ll automatically mark the appropriate items as reviewed (colored green) so that you know where you left off in your data evaluation. This should make it easier to determine what still needs to be reviewed.


We hope you enjoy the new features 🙂

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