Two New Tools to Help you Navigate the Modified Broad to Phrase Match Changes in Google Ads

By Brad


New Features

Google Ads is changing how phrase match works as it will become like the current modified broad match. In addition, you will no longer be able to create modified broad match keywords after July. Here are some insights on working with Google’s Broad Match Modifier & Phrase Match Change.

We’ve launched two new tools to help navigate the change. The first will let you quickly make copies of keywords and change their match types, along with some options on how to treat the old keywords. This will help you quickly move to phrase match.

The second is a tool that allows you to see your data by match type distribution. This tool will let you see how each match type is performing, and compare time periods, to ensure you aren’t suddenly losing a lot of clicks, impressions, and conversions during the change.

This video will show you the two tools and walk through some more information on managing the transition.

We hope you enjoy the new tools 🙂

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