New Feature: Easily Monitor & Analyze Your Google Ads Budgets

By Brad


New Features

We’ve just released a new feature that allows you to monitor and analyze your budgets. There a a few main features to the new system.


You can get alerts for:

  • Capped budgets
  • Overspending budgets
  • Underspending budgets

You’ll see these alerts on your dashboard in the budget area. As always with Adalysis, you can customize the alerts based upon what you want to see.


Budget Overview

The budget overview will show you the campaign or shared budget being analyzed, its spend, over and under status, lost impression share, and much more.

In addition, you can change your budget, delivery methods, and receive suggestions for budget changes.


Performance Gains

When you have capped budgets, you are losing impression share due to budget reasons. Increasing your budget can often net you more conversions. We show an easy-to-read chart that will show you as you increase your budget, how many more impressions, clicks, and conversions you’ll receive as well as the potential performance boost so you can quickly drill down into the largest opportunities.

In-Depth Analysis

When you want more in-depth analysis of your budget, spend, and lost impression share budget, you can dig into the performance charts.


Video Overview

As there’s a lot of new features, we’ve put together a video on how to work with the new tool as well as recommendations for when you have underspending, overspending, and capped budgets.

We hope you enjoy the new features 🙂

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