New Features: Advanced Ad Group Filters, Assisted Metrics, Bing is out of Beta, and More

By Brad


New Features

We’ve just finished launching several new features that should make your ad testing even easier.

You can click on any of the images to make them larger so you can get a better view of how to see and use the new features.

Ad Group Filters

You can now filter ad groups by a large number of criteria:

  • State
  • Campaign name
  • Ad group name
  • Ad contains
  • Ad does not contain
  • Labels
  • Alerts
  • And more



You can then either apply a label to all those ad groups, or sort the ad groups by any metrics and then click into the ad group, view the ads, make adjustments to the ads, and then move to the next ad group in the list.

This should make it easy to ensure you are using consistent ads, finding areas where you want to do more testing, find ad groups where you’re not using a specific brand ad that you wish, and more.

With filters such as ad text contains or doesn’t contain, you can also use wildcards, such as those used in Multi-Ad group testing. This means that you can easily find ad groups where you are using DKI, signs (dollar, discount), or other patterns.

New Ad Metrics

When you are viewing ads within an ad group, you can click on the ‘View additional ads performance’ button to see a new host of metrics for that ad group



Some of these additional metrics include Google Analytics data (if you’ve connected GA to AdWords) or your conversion data, such as:

  • Pages/session
  • Avg. Session duration
  • Bounce rate
  • Click assisted conversion rate
  • Impressions assisted conversions rate
  • and more

Here’s what the new interface looks like with the expanded stats:


Bing Is Open to Everyone

We’ve taken Adalysis for Bing ads out of beta and it is now available to anyone. You can signup for your Bing account at:

Ad Filters & Mass Ad Changes

In case you missed it, we recently launched the ability to filter ads and make mass changes to those ads. You can filter and create ads around wildcards, make copies of ads with new changes, mass pause ads, and more.

As this was a huge change that includes a lot of functionality, it’s best to read the entire list of mass ad filters and changes here.

We have some new features and updates in the works, so please stay tuned for even more new functionality that’ll make your ad testing even easier and more effective.

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