New Features: Working with Non Statistically Significant Data

By Brad


New Features

We’ve just released several new features that allow you to work with single-adgroup tests or multi-adgroup tests that have not yet achieved statistical significance.

Single Ad Group Testing Changes

When you run a manual test, you can now include results that have not achieved at least 90% confidence.



With those results, you can also see and sort by the number of ads in a test. This should make it easier to find ad groups that have more ads in them (separated by effective device) than you’d like in an ad group so that you can then click into the ad group, work with the ads, and then use the forward/back buttons to navigate through those ad groups.




Please note, this feature only includes ad groups that have not achieved at least 90% significance, but are being tested. If an ad group only has one ad in it by device type; then it is not being tested. You can easily find these ad groups with the alert filters in the ad group screen.


Multi-Ad Group Testing Changes

For multi-ad group tests, Adalysis has always shown the test even if it did not reach at least 90% significance. However, we have made a change so that you can now mass pause or edit ads that have not achieved this minimum confidence level.

When you go into any multi-ad group test, regardless if it has results or not, you will be able to pause all losers by a metric or use the ‘pause and replace’ function to replace a text line across all the ads that match that testing pattern.


This should make it a lot easier to do mass changes to ads so that you can ensure your patterns are consistent and accurate across your campaigns.

Account Level Ad Group Screen

If you are within an ad group or campaign, there has been an ads screen where you can see all the ads across that ad group or campaign. We’ve added an account level ads screen so you can easily see all the ads in an account and use the filters and clone features across all your ads.




New Features Are Coming

These changes are enabling us to implement some great new features that will be rolling out soon. Stay tuned to how you’ll be able to use these new views to do a lot more interesting analysis and functions across your Adalysis account.

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