Quality Score has Become Even Easier to Analyze and Act Upon

By Brad


New Features

Trying to find where your Quality Scores need improvement and what needs to be done to improve them is often a very manual process. Adalysis has been a leader in opening up Quality Score data by showing impression weighted data and even allowing you to sort and filter keywords by individual factors (expected CTR, ad relevance, landing page experience).

Just to be sure everyone understands impression weighted Quality Score. We examine the Quality Score and the impressions of the keyword to determine the actual Quality Score at the ad group, campaign, or account level. For instance, if this is your Quality Score data:

Keyword Impressions Quality Score
Tennis shoes 10000 5
Red tennis shoes 1000 9
Blue tennis shoes 1 1
Weighted Ad Group Total: 11,001 5.36

You would not want the fact that blue tennis shoes has only a 1 Quality Score to factor heavily into your data since it only has 1 impressions. Therefore, the Quality Score is weighted by impressions for an ad group, campaign, or even an account depending on the level where you examine the data.

We’ve just added even more features to help you find where to improve Quality Scores and give you data as to the actual issues that need to be corrected.

Multi-Account Level

If you manage multiple accounts; you will now have a new column in your account; Impression Weighted QS. This will let you easily see what accounts need Quality Score work as you can just sort by the impression weighted Quality Score.


Account Level Quality Score

In your Quality Score Analysis dashboard; you can see the account level Quality Score information along with all the quick graphing possibilities to understand how you are doing across a large variety of metrics.


Campaign Level

In your campaigns, you will also see your impression weighted Quality Score. This will let you know at a glance how each campaign is preforming.


Ad Group Level Information

The ad group level is where most of the actual Quality Score work is performed. We’ve displayed impression weighted Quality Score and even a priority order for a long time. However, that only tells you what ad groups need the most help without you having to think about it; it didn’t tell you what was the overall problem with the ad group.

We’ve now taken all of the sub-factors of Quality Score (expected CTR, Ad Relevance, and Landing Page Experience) and impression weighted them as well and then display them as a simple green (above average), neutral (average), or red (below average) display.

So now when you glance at your ad groups, you can first filter by the priority order to know where you should be working; you can now just glance at the icons to see what work needs to be done to improve your Quality Scores.



We’ve included additional filters as well to make it easy to find what ad groups meet any search criteria. Are you thinking about designing some new landing pages? Just filter by landing pages that are blow average and show your designer those ad groups. Any type of filtering and sorting is now easy to do from a keyword level (where we’ve already displayed the sub factors) to the ad group.


These new features should make diagnosing, working with, and improving your Quality Scores as simple as sort, glance, and start improving your landing pages or testing your ads. If you need help testing your ads, take a look at the Ad Testing Guide.

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