Receive Performance Change Alerts Plus Many Enhancements

By Brad


New Features

We have just launched a brand new tool along with many enhancements to the existing tools.

Performance Monitor

The Performance Monitor allows you to setup alerts when your data changes; such as:

  • Your Impression Share dropped by more than 10% compared to the previous week
  • Your Average CPC increased by more than $0.50 compared to the previous month
  • Your ROAS dropped below 5

These alerts can be for all search campaigns, all display campaigns, or just an individual campaign. This short video will show you exactly how to use the new AdWords optimization tool to stay on top of any data changes or absolute numbers you need to monitor.

All the Quality Score Sub factors are on the New Dashboard

In the new dashboard, you can now analyze the distribution of the 3 quality score sub factors based on many more metrics than just the keywords count.


Duplicate Search Term & Duplicate Keyword Cannibalization Rates

When you have a duplicate keyword or search term, you have often lost control over ad serving and the best ad group is often not served for that keyword or term.

In addition to alerting you to the presence of duplicates, you can now see and sort by the cannibalization rates to take care of the duplicate keyword or search terms that are having the largest ad serving issues.


Find Broken Ad Extension URLs Easier

If you have a broken URL in your ad extensions, and if you click the ‘View’ link, we’ll show you the specific text for that ad extension so you can easily locate and fix it.


See your Keyword Data from Ad Test Results

When you are looking at an ad test, and if you want to see the keyword performance data for the same date range as the ad test, you can click the ‘view keywords in ad group’ button, and we’ll show you the keywords and their performance data without having to leave your ad test result.


More Data Columns

We’ve added some more data columns and filters that you’ve been asking for:

  • Cost is now a keyword filter
  • Conversion value can now be viewed in the n-gram data
  • Campaign names have been added to the search terms export

We know – it’s a lot of new features and updates 🙂

Start by watching the Performance Monitor video. That’s the shiniest new feature – the others will just make your life easier.

We have another big feature update in the works – so stay tuned…

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