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PPC tracking is one of the areas within PPC management that can be easily automated with specialized pay-per-click tracking software. Really, a busy Paid Search marketer, be it an inhouse online advertising specialist or a digital marketing agency staff, should better spend more time on the strategic and creative side of things – running A/B tests for ads, rethinking campaign organization, reallocating budgets according to business objectives and more. As for keeping an eye on the most crucial metrics, PPC monitoring software and tools are there to help. They will notify you when you should pay attention and optimize your performance.

Adalysis PPC Tracking & Monitoring Tools

Adalysis, a professional pay-per-click management software, will check your Google Ads or Microsoft Ads performance daily and bring important changes to your attention on a dashboard. We perform more than 40 automated checks daily so that you can be sure every single metric is under control.


There are 3 areas Adalysis is tracking for your PPC account.

  1. Checking for critical issues will notify you instantly on what is stopping you from getting traffic. For example, you’ll receive an email notification when there are broken URLs in your ads or ad extensions, or when a negative keyword added at the wrong level prevents your keywords from triggering ads.
  2. Monitoring Google Ads / Microsoft Ads account will reveal hidden optimization opportunities. For example, we’ll check and let you know if there are any duplicate keywords or keyword cannibalization issues, or if your ad extensions are being used in all your campaigns.
  3. Tracking the main KPIs like CTR, conversion rate, cost per click etc., in order to make recommendations of how you could improve your results. For example, we’ll track poor performing keywords with a significant amount of budget spent but not delivering any conversions, or will make suggestions on bid adjustments for specific devices or locations you could make.

The best part of it is that you can customize all the criteria we use to highlight best or worst performers. For example, if by default we trigger an alert on your dashboard and to your email whenever a keyword reaches 150 clicks in the last 30 days without bringing in any conversions, you may want to change this threshold to 100 clicks, or any other number according to your individual business objectives.

Customizable Monitoring Alerts

Adalysis PPC monitoring tools are extremely flexible. Apart from leveraging our automated tracking results, you can set up your individual performance monitors and receive alerts once they are triggered. Just choose the metric you would like to monitor, set the period our monitoring tool should check, specify the frequency of checking, and what is the minimum change you want to be notified about.

From now on, you’ll never again miss a sudden drop or increase of your impression share, costs, CPC, conversions, or any other metric important for you! Moreover, we’ll also offer you insights about the “why-s” behind these changes with our Performance Analyzer tool.

To give you some ideas on what KPI you could be interested to track, and also how to interpret the changes we have compiled the series of articles on paid search KPI Monitoring & Diagnosis.


If you want to see how Adalysis PPC monitoring & tracking tools work in action, you can try the software for free for 14 days, without commitment and without giving your credit card details. Adalysis is an award-winning PPC management software, that offers a range of tools for professional online advertising specialists for a single fee.

Here’re some other tools included in your Adalysis subscription:

Adalysis was founded in 2013 by PPC experts with more than 20 years of experience under their belt. Since then, we have helped PPC agencies, in-house PPC marketers and small business owners from all over the world to optimize their PPC efforts in the most cost-effective way.

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