Why You Should Always Run Multiple Remarketing Offers

By Brad


Google Ads Insights

Searchers don’t search for the same keywords over and over and over again. People search once, maybe twice, on the same keyword and that’s it.

This means that if you are customizing your ads by ad groups (and have good account structure so that the ads are highly related to the keywords and random keywords aren’t grouped together) that users don’t become blind to your ads as the ads are always relevant to the query and the same ads aren’t seen over and over again.

This isn’t true for remarketing.

With remarketing, your ads aren’t contextual (content based), your ads aren’t based upon an active search as there is no search – your ads are based upon website behavior.

This means the same users will see your same ads over and over again. In the case of remarketing, or even display when the same user may see your ad multiple times, it can be useful to keep multiple ads active within an ad group.

For instance, here are the stats for one company’s remarketing list (one list per ad group in their case):


Now, when you look at this data, it appears the company should pause all the ads except for ad number 2.

Ad number 2 has the second highest CTR, the highest conversion rate, and the highest conversion per impression.

The company did what most people would do; they paused all the ads except for 2.

Once users were only seeing a single ad from that remarketing list, this is how that ad preformed when it was the only active one in the ad group:



You can clearly see that the CTR and conversion rate dropped. This ad performed better within a group of ads than it did on its own.


Banner blindness and multiple offers.

When a user sees just one ad – they are seeing just one offer that you have (such as a free download, discount, price drop, different benefits, various value propositions, etc) and if that offer does not appeal to the user, then seeing that same offer over and over will not increase their interactions with your ads.

However, when you run multiple offers, then if offer 1 doesn’t appear to someone, offer 2 or 3 might. While offer 1 might appeal to more users than your other offers, using a variety usually preforms better than just using one offer.

If you are running 4-6 or more ads; then it is useful to pause the worst text ads or image ad themes and let the top few offers stay active.

The next time you’re look at your stats across the display network where the same person will see your ads multiple times, consider running a few offers, or testing many, but only pausing the worst ones so that users view more information about your company and products and have a higher incentive to want to interact with one of them and become your next customer.

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