Automatically Generate Ad Heatmaps to Find Your Top Headline Combinations

By Brad


New Features

It’s now easy to find your best headline 1 and headline 2 combinations for your PPC account. We’ve launched a heatmap feature that can automatically show you how the combinations of your headlines are performing.

For example; in this screenshot we see:

  • Headline 1s across the top
  • Headline 2s down the side
  • The intersection of the headline 1 & 2 conv. rate data

For each block, you can see:

  • The color code for how it is performing.
    • These range from red to green based upon performance (green is the best and red is the worst. Other colors fit in between)
  • The data for the metric being examined (in this case, conv. rate)
  • The number of the data point, which can range from clicks, impressions, conversions, etc
  • How often this combination occurs (the occurrences)

This data will make it easy to spot winning and losing combinations. You can then use one of the bulk ad creation tools to quickly create more ads using that combination or easily pause the worse combinations by filtering your ads using the contain or doesn’t contain options.

To create your heatmaps; first go to the multi-ad group testing screen and click on the Ad headlines heatmap… button.

Then you can select:

  • The campaigns or campaign labels to be included
  • The date range
  • The metrics you want to view

By default, we’ll display the top 5 headline 1 and headline 2s (by clicks) and their combinations. However, using the “advanced options”, you can write your own combinations and even use wildcards in determining the patterns to be included in the heatmap.

We hope you enjoy the new feature -:) It should make finding your best combinations much easier for your Google Ads accounts.

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