The Best Ad Testing Metrics to Use for Your Google Ads & Bing Ads Accounts

By Brad


Ad Testing, Google Ads Insights, PPC Management

Ad testing is an essential part of managing your PPC account. To properly test ads, you must also be choosing winners and losers based upon metrics that further your overall account goals.

Unfortunately, CTR (click through rate), conversion rate, and even CPA are too often used in choosing winners and losers when they are rarely the best metrics to use.

To pick the best testing metric, you need to understand how they are derived; what data they are not utilizing; and see which one is really the best for you.

In this video, we’ll cover:

  • The data used for ad tests
  • How each ad testing metric is derived
  • The math behind each metric so you can determine all of these yourself
  • Which is best for your account goals

To easily learn everything you really need to know about ad testing metrics, please watch this short video.

You Can Automate Finding Winning Ads by All of These Ad Testing Metrics

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