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New Features: Easier Bulk Ad Creation & Multivariate Testing

May 2, 2017 Brad Ad Testing, Ads, New Features

You’ve taken a lot of time creating your initial ads; and often you want to change them or create new ads in bulk. Adalysis’s bulk ad creation tools allows you to select many ad groups at once and then create ads within those ad groups at scale. Since you might be selecting ad groups that […]

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New Multi-Ad Group Testing Features: Partial Patterns & Suggested Tests

April 24, 2017 Brad Ad Testing, New Features

Multi-ad group testing is a great way to test large numbers of ads or to get great insight into consumer behavior. To make it easier to test and find where you should be testing, we’ve added two new multi-ad group testing features. Partial Patterns When you are creating a multi-ad group test; you can click […]

Customer Journey Testing: How to Test Ads & Landing Pages Together

March 16, 2017 Brad Ad Testing, Ads, Google Ads Insights

Ads are the only part of your account a searcher sees. They set the expectation for what the user will find on the landing page. When we think about the basics of testing; we can test in 3 ways: Ads versus other ads: This tests the message the user sees Landing page versus landing page: […]

Setting up "IF ads" in Google Ads

How to Test IF / Default AdWords Ads

March 9, 2017 Brad Ad Testing, Ads

AdWords recently launched a way for you to create specific marketing messages for devices or audiences without having to use ad customizers. These are sometimes called IF ads and other times called Default ads. The advantage of these ads over ad customizers is that since they have ‘default text’ in them; text that shows to […]

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Automatically Pause & Replace Your Losing Ads

February 28, 2017 Brad Ad Testing, New Features

We just launched a new feature that will automatically pause your losing ads and optionally replace them with new ads. You can see a video of how to use this feature; or read below more about it. Automatically Pause Losing Ads To use this feature, navigate to your Single-Adgroup Tests and then to the Loser […]

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How to Start Testing ETAs versus Your Standard Text Ads

September 1, 2016 Brad Ad Testing, Ads

As you migrate to Expanded Text Ads (ETAs), you want to ensure your new ads are preforming as well or better than your standard text ads. In order to do that, we’re finding that there’s a few steps you should take: Determine What Ad Groups You Want to Test Not all of your ad groups […]

Comparison of STA and ETA

How to Test Expanded Text Ads

August 22, 2016 Brad Ad Testing, Ads

In the upcoming months; you’ll have to upgrade all of your ads to the expanded text ad format. The new format has longer headlines and a single description line. There are a few ways to text your expanded text ads (ETAs), and we’ll walk through the various scenarios, advantages, and disadvantages for testing. What are […]

Listen to Our Work Productivity & PPC Ad Testing Podcast

July 7, 2016 Brad Ad Testing, Webinars

We just recorded a podcast with Edge of the Web Radio. The podcast covers everything from time management to ad testing. It’s a fun show full of laughter, insights, jokes, and great tips on managing PPC. If you haven’t checked out their podcast before, you should, its had some great guests ranging from Jessie Stricchiola […]

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How to Test Image Ad Themes Across GDN

June 30, 2016 Brad Ad Testing

Image ads are often more difficult to test than text ads as, with image ads, you’re rarely just testing ad 1 versus ad 2. With image ads, you are often creating themes of images in various sizes and then seeing how each theme performs as a whole regardless of any one size. For instance, you […]

Please Join Us for a Free Webinar on Scientific Ad Testing

June 9, 2016 Brad Ad Testing, Webinars

There are several ways to test ads: A/B Testing Pattern Testing Label testing And more And then you need to: Determine winner and loser metrics Segment your ad tests Determine minimum data Determine maximum data Ensure you are confident in the results All of these decisions are assuming that you’re testing and have ad ideas […]

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