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By Brad


New Features

Ad extensions are a crucial part of your AdWords account.

You must use them and have them – that’s a given. Most advertisers know and understand extensions these days. However, what we find is that while almost everyone is using them; most accounts have missed applying them to a few campaigns. It might be that you made a new campaign and forgot to enable callouts or sitelinks were missed in just a few campaigns.

We’ve created as easy report to visualize your extension usage and find areas where you’ve missed extensions.

On your dashboard, you will see your spend by extension and then the number of extensions that exist for each campaign.

You can sort each extension to find ones that are 0 or below the number you wish to use. It should now only take you a few seconds to check your extension usage:


Here’s our handy chart that helps you pick your extensions and the minimum numbers you should be using:

If you’d like to learn more about the minimum numbers and how extensions work, see this helpful article: Even more information on how many extensions you should use.

We hope you like the new feature 🙂

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  • Matthew

    I don’t see this the ad extension analysis in my account. Is this feature rolled out on the Bing Adalysis platform?

    • Brad

      This is only on AdWords so far. You should see it on the AdWords dashboard.

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