Thank You For Helping Adalysis Win the Best PPC Management Platform Again

By Brad


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Thank You for Our Search Award

We’re happy to announce that for the 2nd consecutive year; we’ve been awarded the Best PPC Management Suite Award by the US Search awards.

While we get to collect the award; this is an award that should also be presented to our customers as they push us to keep innovating and coming up with new and interesting ways to make powerful PPC management tools easy to use at scale.

Adalysis new dashboard was also recognized for one of the top innovations of the year.

In just 2017, we launched many new features and a major update almost every month. Some of our favorite new features launched in 2017 include:

Over the next year, we will continue to keep adding features and making Adalysis the best PPC Management Tool available.

Thank you for your loyalty and suggestions. As always, we’re happy to receive your suggestions as you keep pushing us to be the best in the market 🙂

Thank you,
The Adalysis Team

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