New Features: Easier Bulk Ad Creation & Multivariate Testing

By Brad


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You’ve taken a lot of time creating your initial ads; and often you want to change them or create new ads in bulk. Adalysis’s bulk ad creation tools allows you to select many ad groups at once and then create ads within those ad groups at scale.

Since you might be selecting ad groups that use different headlines or destination URLs, you might not want to use the same ad line in every ad you’re creating as some items, like URLs might not always be relevant to every single ad group. Therefore, in the Adalysis tool, you can leave a line blank and inherit data from your other ads in the ad group; such as the ad with the lowest CPA or highest CTR.

This makes it easy to bulk create many ads with a new call to action in your headline 2 while preserving your headline and final URL that you’re already using for each ad group.

With this too, you can mass create ads based upon your existing data, create ads from scratch, or some combination of old and new information.

We’ve made the tool even easier to view and setup multi-ad group tests.

First, just select the ad groups where you want to create an ad, then click ‘create ads’ and you’ll see a new screen:


By default, you’ll only see one ad to be created; however, you can just click +add another to create another ad.

These ads are laid out side by side so you can easily see the difference in the ads you are creating. This will help ensure you are diversifying your overall tests and line up your new ads.

When you are creating ads in bulk; then you often want to test ads in bulk. We’ve launched an easier interface to setup pattern or multi-variant tests.

Multi-variant & Pattern Testing

Below the ad creation screen, you have many options; such as to apply labels to your new ads, pause old ads, etc.

You can also create a multi-ad group test directly from the ad creation wizard.

If you want to test patterns, you can setup a pattern match test at the time of ad creation to test the new ads you are creating.


In addition, if you want to run multi-variant tests, such as testing 2 ad elements at once (please note, multi-variant tests should only be done if you have a lot of traffic as it’s easy to end up with too many ads) you can label each variation you are testing and then run tests at the ad label level.


These tests will automatically show in your multi-ad group testing data and you’ll be notified when there’s a winning ad test so you can take action.

We hope you enjoy these new features 🙂

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