PPC Reporting is Now Available

By Brad


New Features, Reporting

Our latest feature release is PPC reporting for Adwords and Google Analytics accounts (Bing Ads and Facebook will follow shortly).

Adalysis now provides over 250 pages of various ready made reports that you can either simply use as is, or customize to add/remove any additional elements or branding.

The reports are interactive allowing you to zoom into various aspects of the data and, hence, making them much more useful than static reports.

Our ready made reports are based on Google’s Data Studio reporting product (which we believe will potentially revolutionize the PPC reporting industry). All you need to have to use these reports is a free Data Studio account.

Find out more about other aspects of using our ready made data studio reports.

You can access this feature as shown below:


Below is a sample of few pages out of the 250+ currently available in Adalysis:


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