Automated PPC management tools

With professional PPC automation tools, you can spend less time on the most time-consuming areas of pay-per-click campaign management. In this article, learn more about how you can automate your daily, weekly or monthly paid search management routine.

What is PPC Automation?

PPC automation is a range of solutions leveraging technology, deep analysis of large data volumes and machine learning in order to help paid search marketers with the most mundane tasks. Some examples of automated tasks within PPC management may include automated bid management, automated monitoring and checking for errors or account optimization opportunities, automated campaign and ad group building, automated reporting, and even automated ad copy creation and A/B testing.

PPC automation tools come in different shapes and forms:

  • Built-in tools in Google Ads or Microsoft Ads like automated bidding strategies, Smart campaigns, Dynamic Search Ads, customizing ad copy with Keyword insertion or IF statements, etc.
  • Downloadable applications created by the largest paid search platforms (e.g., Google Ads Editor and Microsoft Advertising Editor, which are especially helpful when creating or updating campaigns, ad groups, or keywords in bulk).
  • External scripts – a piece of Javascript code specifically written to accomplish a certain task, that you can then run in your PPC account.
  • 3rd party PPC automation software, like Adalysis, that combines a range of automation and optimization tools and doesn’t require any technical skills at all.

Pros and Cons of PPC automation

The major benefit of using PPC automation is enormous time-saving potential. Being an online advertising expert, or running a business yourself, involves so much strategic decision making and creative work to do, that the most tedious tasks should be left to machines.

In addition, we humans tend to make mistakes when dealing with large amounts of data, which can lead to wrong conclusions, incorrect decisions, or inaccurate configuration of our campaigns. The best PPC automation tools support you with powerful mathematic algorithms and will never overlook any numbers.

The drawbacks? In some more complex PPC management areas, for example, bidding, automation doesn’t always provide better results, than manual management had, which typically happens because some initial amount of data might be required to accomplish the learning process. Hence, these cases ideally should be subject to A/B testing – if we continue with the bidding example, it’s recommended to start your campaign with manual CPC strategy and once you have more data for algorithms to process, you can set up an experiment for automated bidding strategy and compare the results.

However, in most areas, PPC automation tools come in very handy. As a rule of thumb, whenever you notice, that you are running the same report over and over again (like search term report to find potential new keywords and potential negative keywords, or Quality Score report to see what keywords and ad groups should be optimized first), then you might be sure that there certainly is the way of automating it.

Adalysis PPC Automation Software

Adalysis, award-winning PPC toolkit helps you automate most of the time-consuming tasks within PPC management:

  • Audit and analysis. Automated Performance Analyzer will give you insights into how your metrics changed over time and what were the major factors driving these changes.
  • PPC Ad A/B Testing. In Adalysis, you get all of your ads tested without lifting a finger. No manual setup required.
  • Bid adjustments management. You will receive automated recommendations on what your bid adjustments should be, according to the results of your campaigns across devices, locations and demographics.
  • Budget management. Our automated checks will notify you when your campaigns start losing performance because of budget limitations so that you can shift budgets from worse to best performing campaigns.
  • Automated Reporting. Create white-label reports on your performance in minutes with pre-built Google Looker Studio templates.
  • Campaign Building. Adalysis Campaign Builder will help you automate campaign creation – add hundreds of ad groups and keywords in bulk from a CSV file.
  • Tracking & monitoring. With 40+ automated checks, you will be instantly notified whenever a significant change occurs within your account and act to correct an error or leverage optimization opportunities.
  • Keyword analysis. Apart from checking for duplicate keywords or search terms issues and providing N-Grams reports, Adalysis will also automate PPC keyword analysis, highlighting keywords with poor performance or words that have unexpected Quality Score drops.
  • Optimization. Use the insights of our automated Quality Score and Landing Page analysis to set the priorities for improving your weakest ad groups first.

You can try all the tools within Adalysis completely free for 14 days! No commitment and no credit card is required – import your PPC account and benefit from PPC automation to boost your performance!

Adalysis was founded in 2013 by PPC experts with more than 20 years of experience under their belt. Since then, we have helped PPC agencies, in-house PPC marketers and small business owners from all over the world to optimize their PPC efforts in the most cost-effective way.

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