How to Work with the Latest Google Ads Match Type Changes

September 24, 2019 Brad General, Keywords, PPC Management, Search Terms

Google recently changed how phrase and modified broad match types work. Here are the new definitions: Phrase match:  Matches of the phrase (or close variations of the phrase) with additional words before or after. Close variations include terms with the same meaning. Modified broad:  All the terms designated with a + sign (or close variations […]

KPI Monitoring & Diagnosis: Why Does the Number of Clicks You Receive Change Over Time?

September 10, 2019 Brad General, Performance Analyzer

In our continuing series on KPI Monitoring & Diagnosis, today we’re going to dig into examining changes to Click Volume. There are several reasons that your clicks change when comparing two time frames. The most common is that your overall impressions changed. If your impressions go up or down, then in most cases, you will […]

PPC & KPI Monitoring: How to Diagnose Lost Search Impression Share Rank & Top Impression Share Changes

September 4, 2019 Brad General, Performance Analyzer

In our continuing series on KPI Monitoring & Diagnosis, today we’re going to dig into examining changes to Impression Share Lost due to Rank and Top Impression Share Metrics. These two metrics are highly related as having a high absolute top impression share percentage or a high top impression share percentage is directly related to […]

PPC & KPI Monitoring: How to diagnose and work with Impression Share Loss due to Budget

July 25, 2019 Brad General, Performance Analyzer

We’re continuing our series on KPI monitoring & diagnosis by taking an in-depth look into why you lose impression share due to budget. This is often referred to as Lost IS (budget) in the Google Ads interface. From a pure definition standpoint, impression share loss due to budget is essentially when you do not have […]

PPC & KPI Monitoring: How to Diagnose Changes to Your Impression and Search Volume

July 16, 2019 Brad General, Performance Analyzer

In our continuing series on KPI Monitoring & Diagnosis, today we’re going to dig into examining changes to impressions and search volume and what leads to these changes. To arrive at these metrics, we’re using some basic math. Impressions are the number of times your ads were displayed by the level you are looking at […]

How to Ensure You Analyze the Correct Data, Time Periods, Timeframes, and Trends for Diagnosing and Optimizing Your PPC Account

July 2, 2019 Brad General, Performance Analyzer

In our ongoing series about how to analyze data change for the Performance Analyzer (available as a Data Studio template or an Automated Tool for Adalysis subscribers), today we’re going to look at trending. If you want to know what metrics made your account performance go up or down, you need to understand how metrics […]

The Two Videos You Need to Watch to Get Started with Google Data Studio

June 27, 2019 Brad General, Reporting

We use Google Data Studio extensively. It allows you to easily visualize data, create reports, and update the reports. When we talk to in-house and agency members alike, one of the biggest time sinks in the entire company is reporting. While we’ve made Data Studio Templates available for free, some people are struggling to always […]

How to Automate Your Google Ads KPI Monitoring and Easily Put Fixes into Place to Increase Your KPIs

June 25, 2019 Brad General, Performance Analyzer

We’re a big fan of automatically monitoring KPIs and having quick investigation tools into examining why the data changed. Over the next few weeks, we’re going to look deeply into each aspect of the Performance Analyzer tool (available for Adalysis members or via a Free Google Data Studio report). This report can make diagnosing KPI […]

Google Display Network Bootcamp: If you are still getting started with GDN, join us to create your road map on starting and expanding your GDN presence

June 13, 2019 Brad General, PPC Management

Google’s display network has a tremendous amount of reach and targeting options. You can use it to reach 90% of the internet across more than 2 million websites, videos, and apps. While there is a lot of available inventory, the targeting options can quickly become overwhelming. For example, you could target your ads to: Only […]

Get More Auction Insights Competitor Information with this Free Data Studio Template

June 11, 2019 Brad General, Reporting

Auction insights can help you gain insights into your competitors. This information can be used in several different ways: Get an overall idea of competitor coverage The auction insights will show you your impression share versus your competitors. You can then see how often each of you appear above each other in the search results […]

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