The Free Google Data Studio Performance Analyzer Template has been Updated with New Information

By Brad


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We’ve updated the Google Data Studio template that we use for the Performance Analyzer KPI monitoring series with several new features.

If you’re not familiar with this template, it’s the easiest way to tell data driven PPC stories by just glancing at a metric comparison.


The New Features

Top & Absolute Top Impression Share

As average position is being retired and now we need to examine Top & Absolute Top impression percentages, we’ve removed average position and replaced it with impression (top) and impression (absolute  top) percentages:


Multiple Time Frames

For the two reports, we’ve added two time frames:

  • Previous period: This time period compares your data to the previous timeframe, such as month over month, quarter over quarter, etc.
  • Previous year: This time period compares your data to the same time period the previous year


You can see this data for the Performance Analyzer or for your campaign data to find the most significant changes so you can examine the performance data for a single campaign.


Drill Down Stats

In the campaign data, you can now drill down from the campaign to the ad group to the keywords to the search terms. This should help make it easier to track down exactly where your data is changing. If you’ve not worked with drill downs before, this video should help (it’s for an upcoming audience template we have coming out soon, so you’ll want to stay tuned for more reports).

Campaign Status

If you have paused campaigns that you want to include in your data comparison, we’ve added a status selector so you can see paused, active, or both campaign statues.


Broken Data Issues

If you add the new template and you see the new metrics (or any metrics) as broken, then you need to refresh the data fields for your source. This is very easy to do as you can go to your source and click the refresh button and confirm the changes.


This video will also walk you through how to refresh your data fields.

Downloading the Template

You can download all of our free Data Studio templates from here.

Wrap Up

As we continue our long running series on KPI Monitoring & Diagnosis, using this Google Data Studio template will help you follow along and use all the diagnostic processes we walkthrough so you can stay on top of your PPC KPIs and quickly put any fixes into place.

If you’ve not subscribed to the series, as well as other articles, you can subscribe here.

We hope you’re enjoying the series as well as the templates 🙂

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