Webinar "Step-By-Step Transition To Google Expanded Text Ads Like-A-Pro"

Join Us for a Live Webinar on How to Transition to ETAs like a Pro

October 27, 2016 Brad Ads, Webinars

  Google’s new Expanded Text Ad format is a chance to re-imagine your ads. It’s also a chance to become completely overwhelmed with the amount of work that needs to be done in a short amount of time. Acquisio & Adalysis will be hosting a webinar that will help you walk through: The transition Techniques […]

ETA upgrade flowchart thumbnail

How to Start Testing ETAs versus Your Standard Text Ads

September 1, 2016 Brad Ad Testing, Ads

As you migrate to Expanded Text Ads (ETAs), you want to ensure your new ads are preforming as well or better than your standard text ads. In order to do that, we’re finding that there’s a few steps you should take: Determine What Ad Groups You Want to Test Not all of your ad groups […]

Patterns by ad type thumbnail

Adalysis Now Supports ETAs (Expanded Text Ads)

August 22, 2016 Brad Ads, New Features

Adalysis now has support for expanded text ads (ETAs). This is a large change to both ads in your account and how Adalysis calculates the ad test data so please take a moment to understand the changes. How ETAs are Tested ETAs can run on any device and don’t carry a mobile preferred flag. This […]

Comparison of STA and ETA

How to Test Expanded Text Ads

Brad Ad Testing, Ads

In the upcoming months; you’ll have to upgrade all of your ads to the expanded text ad format. The new format has longer headlines and a single description line. There are a few ways to text your expanded text ads (ETAs), and we’ll walk through the various scenarios, advantages, and disadvantages for testing. What are […]

Heatmap with the intersection of ideas for headlines and descriptions, and producible CTR

A Different Way to Think About Ad Relevance in Quality Scores

July 28, 2016 Brad Ads, Quality Score

Ad Relevance makes up 22% of your visible quality score and it can be a difficult item to work with since it doesn’t always make logical or semantic sense. For instance, an easy way of thinking about relevance is semantically. If the keywords and overall idea is in the ad, then the ad should be […]

Dependance of conversion rate on Quality score

Is Your B2B Company Thinking Correctly About Their Ads?

June 2, 2016 Brad Ads, Google Ads Insights

B2B (business-to-business) companies often struggle with quality score and ad writing as they are often competing against B2C companies for the same keywords; but only a small segment of the actual search audience. For instance, take the term ‘safety gates’. The most common searcher for this term is a consumer that is looking for a […]

An ad with extended headlines thumbnail

The Importance of Ad Extensions in a Sidebarless Google World

April 5, 2016 Brad Ads

Google recently removed the sidebar ads for Google search results; and the focus has been around the overall impact such as: Higher ad position Static CPCs Less total impressions More total clicks All of that information makes sense since there are less ads on the page and a 4th ad above the organic results. However, […]

Extensions usage recommendations chart

How Many Ad Extensions Should You Use?

March 1, 2016 Brad Ads

Ad Extensions are incredibly important to any PPC account. Here’s just a few of the benefits of using ad extensions: Used to calculate ad rank (along with quality score and bid) Showcase additional information to the user Allow for more conversions types (calls, driving directions) Gives the user more information about the company/product Causes the […]

CTR of mobile optimized ads vs others thumbnail

Mobile Preferred Ads Get 2x The CTR as Other Ads on Mobile Devices

February 23, 2016 Brad Ads

When you look at a lot of the trends in PPC these days, you often hear ‘mobile is taking over’. If mobile is taking over, or at least making a strong showing; then marketers should be focused on thinking about mobile users differently than desktop users. This goes beyond bidding to using mobile or responsive […]

Ad rules options thumbnail

Improve Your Ads by Leveraging Seasonal Trends

February 16, 2016 Brad Ads

The majority of products have seasonal trends.  You don’t see many people buying patio furniture in November or Ski Jackets in June. That’s because the seasons or specific events change buying behavior. Consider these trends: Valentine’s week is the top week for flower sales Super Bowl week is the 2nd highest week (behind Black Friday) […]

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