Best Tools For Any PPC Marketer In 2022

If you’ve been endlessly searching for the best PPC tools, then look no further.
We’ve searched the depths of the internet so that you don’t have to and compiled a list of the best tools out there. Using this guide, you will be able to identify the industry-leading PPC tools for your paid ads in multiple categories.

Keyword Research Tools

Analytics Tools

Landing Page Builders

Website builders

A/B Testing Tools

Click Fraud Protection

Google Shopping Optimization

Ad Copy Writing and Optimization Tools

PPC Competitor Research Tools

Technical Optimization Tools

Marketing Attribution Analysis Tools

Keyword Research Tools

Unlike other keyword research tools out there, Keyword Tool does not pull from Google Keyword Planner. Instead, Keyword Tool utilizes Google Autocomplete,yielding more relevant keywords to the searches people are conducting online every day.

Key Features
  • Highly reliable and will never hide popular keywords
  • Pulls keywords from Google Autocomplete, yielding more relevant results
  • Up to 750+ long-tail keyword suggestions per free search Keyword Tool Pro provides twice the amount of keywords per search


Ubbersuggest is a free keyword overview tool with a highly user-friendly interface. Founded by digital marketing guru Neil Patel, Ubbersuggest can help you fine-tune your next PPC campaign keyword list by identifying the CPC data and monthly search volumes to outperform your competitors.

Key Features
  • Suggests different keyword types (comparisons, questions etc.)
  • Straightforward keyword analysis report and ideation
  • Utilizes location-based data for better results

Analytics Tools


Go beyond traditional web analytics with Hotjar, which allows you to understand what users are doing on your website from a deeper level. Allowing you to record user interactions and filter through them later, Hotjar helps you visualize user behavior with Heatmaps.

Key Features
  • Collect real-time feedback while users are on your site
  • User interfacing is simple and easy to navigate
  • Lots of filtering capabilities within session recordings


Track website traffic sources and engagement across all digital channels with the help of Adjust. The cloud-based business intelligence platform solution provides you with insight through the entire app download journey, including everything from installation to marketing trend comparisons.

Key Features
  • Track installs on mobile app campaigns (iOS, Android, or UAC)
  • Track in-app actions on mobile campaigns
  • Create funnels and follow their evolution
  • More accurate data as only pure installs from new users are counted
  • It helps prevent mobile fraud by detecting fake clicks


Improvado is an automated ETL marketing data platform that specializes in marketing reporting automation and helps teams make informed decisions. It helps marketers consolidate all marketing data in one place for better insights into how they’re doing across channels, analyze attribution models and e-commerce insights, and get accurate ROMI data.

Key Features
  • Aggregate marketing data from 300+ connectors, including Google Analytics, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and many more.
  • Build stunning dashboards in the visualization platform of your choice (Data Studio, Tableau, Looker, and others)
  • Reduce manual reporting time by 90%
  • Build robust data pipelines without a single line of code

Landing Page Builders


For entrepreneurs and small businesses, ClickFunnels is a great online selling platform. This cloud-based website hosting solution saves you the hassle of designing and hosting a website with all the interactive tools you could need available at your fingertips.

Key Features
  • API integrations with most third-party software
  • Learn the funnel building process in a matter of hours
  • Straightforward split testing landing pages
  • Drag and drop landing page builder makes it easy to customize


Pair your know-how and expertise with machine learning through Unbounce, geared towards small and midsize businesses. For the first time, this pairing can bring you increased sales and conversions through your online marketing campaigns with the help of Unbounce.

Key Features
  • User-friendly interfacing with drag and drop design features
  • Simple yet extensive conversion tracking tools
  • Constantly being updated with new features
  • Quickly evaluate the success of your campaign via tracking and metrics

Swipe Pages

This tool helps marketers create and publish blazing-fast Google recommended AMP landing pages that are fully responsive across devices and load almost instantly. Swipe Pages reduces bounce rates and increases the conversion rate.

Key Features
  • Mobile specific landing pages that have an app-like user experience for boosting mobile conversions.
  • A/B Testing and in-built analytics. Can be integrated with GTM, FB Pixel, Google Analytics, Anytrack, Voluum, etc.
  • Global blocks and Dynamic Text for personalization and scalable landing page creation.


Build landing pages for PPC campaigns faster and easier with Landingi. Thanks to a pixel-perfect drag and drop editor, you have complete freedom and control over the creation process. Design, publish and optimize landing pages the smart way and grow your business.

Key Features
  • 400+ conversion-focused templates
  • Check your page before publishing with the help of AI
  • Integrations with popular marketing tools and ad platforms
  • Smart sections – change content on multiple pages simultaneously
  • Duplicate pages with one click and measure new ideas with A/B testing

Website builders


Wix has become a household name for website building, especially in the last few years. Today, Wix has over 200 million users, and it comes as no surprise considering features like an extensive template library, a drag and drop site builder, and the Wix App Market.

Key Features
  • Over 500 website templates to choose from
  • Drag and drop interfacing makes website building easier than ever
  • Wix App Market helps you to extend your site features
  • Built-in SEO management
  • Incredibly fast site speed


Weebly is a simple and clean-cut site builder that is an excellent option for smaller businesses. Today, Weebly has helped users build over 50 million websites, the easily customizable designs help business owners grow their customer base in style.

Key Features
  • Intergrated with Square product suite to help you keep track of your sales and customer payments
  • The auto-save function prevents your work from getting lost
  • Stylish and highly customizable templates
  • Easy to use no-code editor for non-technical people
  • Perfect for creating landing pages fast for Google Ads testing

A/B Testing Tools

Zoho PageSense

Designed to boost website conversions and revenue, Zoho PageSense is a conversion optimization and personalization platform. By tracking the visitor journey, Zoho PageSense combines the power of A/B testing, web analytics, and personalization so that you can make the best business decisions.

Key Features
  • Run multiple tests on your website at once for a marketing advantage
  • See visitor activity recording and generate Heat Maps based on website interactions
  • Available API for creating custom application integrations
  • Enables visitors to develop interaction with your website immediately
  • Incredible simple user interface makes it easy to use

Adobe Target

Test and optimize your web properties with Adobe Target. Leveraging data from Adobe Experience Cloud and third-party sources allows you to use Adobe Target across multiple channels, including ads, banners, emails, and your website.

Key Features
  • Highly-intuitive form-based editor
  • Pause tests as needed
  • Powerful segmentation to target tests to specific users
  • Get robust customer reports through integration with Adobe Analytics
  • A/B tests using a visual composer

Click Fraud Protection


Protect your e-commerce business or organization from fraudsters and malicious users while boosting your sales and generating higher ROI with the help of IPQualityScore. This anti-fraud service provider offers a myriad of user-friendly and effective anti-fraud tools and solutions.

Key Features
  • It prevents bots, tor, VPNs, proxies, and other fraudulent IP addresses
  • Intuitive threat blocking and fraud scoring
  • Web callbacks and postback conversions support
  • Fraud reduction in your ad campaigns, sign-ups, conversions, leads, sales, and others
  • Blacklist and whitelist rules management


Using industry-leading detection algorithms, CHEQ ClickCease provides an anti-click-fraud service that protects anyone using Google Ads and Bing Ads. Automatically blocking fraudulent IPs, ClickCease acts to detect click fraud, prevent it, and protect from it in the future.

Key Features
  • Automatically block unwanted fraudulent clicks
  • See how much money the system helped spare by not allowing bad clicks
  • Simple interface makes it easy to get everything up and running

Fraud Blocker

Fraud Blocker helps advertisers improve the performance of their ad campaigns by reducing fraudulent click activity from bots, competitors, malware, and more. The service offers best-in-class fraud prevention at an affordable monthly price. It also recently received the top rating by Tech Times.

Key Features
  • Automatically block fraudulent ad clicks in real-time
  • Detects fraud based on device fingerprinting, IP monitoring, VPN detection, and more
  • Direct integration with Google Ads
  • Customizable detection rules
  • Easy setup: Start blocking fraudulent clicks in a couple of minutes



This data-driven click fraud protection software will allow you to monitor, detect and eliminate low-quality traffic from your ad campaigns. It will help you boost campaign conversions and maximize PPC ROI by removing illegitimate and money-wasting clicks from campaigns.

Key Features
  • Click forensics, which allows users to gather insight into each and every click in their Google Ads
  • Stellar customer service, driven by real Google Ads experts who really know how to help customers
  • Our transparency, accountability, and the high level of control our users have.


Clixtell monitors and analyzes every click by over 100 data points. The superior Neural Network will immediately detect any type of invalid click attempt and will report it back to Google for blocking and crediting. Clixtell will save you money and maximize your campaign ROI.

Key Features
  • Automated and immediate click fraud detection, prevention and protection service.
  • Customizable security profile settings
  • Google Ads call-only & call extension ads fraud detection.
  • Click fraud full refund report
  • Simple and accessible for businesses and agencies of all sizes.


TrafficGuard helps advertisers maximize return on ad spend through full-funnel ad fraud prevention. Powered by an award-winning platform, the solution drives’ superior advertising performance by verifying advertising engagement as they occur, blocking fraudulent traffic from infiltrating ad campaigns.

Key Features
  • Real-time, always-on detection of invalid traffic through the user journey at the impression, click, install, and event-level right down to the site ID and IP level.
  • Prevention of invalid traffic in real-time on a pre-bid and attribution correction basis
  • Intelligent real-time analytics available providing complete transparency to advertisers

PPC Protect

PPC Protect is a cloud software solution for preventing advertising fraud on paid media and digital advertising campaigns. With the help of the automatic IP blocking technology of this powerful tool, you can get effective click fraud protection and stay ahead of your competitors.

Key Features
  • Automated ad fraud protection across all channels in real-time
  • Unparalleled accuracy in detecting and mitigating fraudulent activity
  • The highest degree of privacy compliance
  • Quick and easy 4-minute setup

Google Shopping Optimization

DataFeed Watch

Advertise on different shopping channels, including eBay, Amazon, Facebook, Shopzilla, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Shopping, Criteo, and more with the help of DataFeedWatch. Easily optimize your data feed while making your products more visible, boosting sales.

Key Features
  • Competitive pricing for the number of services provided
  • Work on numerous accounts all at once
  • Automated keywords and ad creation available for Google Adwords campaign
  • Skip the manual work in data and content management


Channable is cloud-based feed management and PPC automation platform ideal for businesses of all sizes. The platform allows users to easily manage and automate advertising catalogs as it offers a Google Shopping API and product feed integration.

Key Features
  • Optimizes and organizes your product feed to your Google Merchant Center automatically
  • The insight feature lets you track CPC, CTR, ROAS, total costs, and transactions
  • Allows you to integrate your catalog with more than 2.500 channels including Amazon, eBay, and Instagram


Intelligent Heraldbee Algorithms help businesses acquire new valuable visitors to your shop. Heraldbee is a very good tool for those who are beginning their adventure in e-commerce.

Key Features
  • AI tools to set up your business
  • Fresh and intuitive design
  • UX that allows every customer to figure out its needs


Feedoptimise has a very easy-to-use monitoring system helping you to constantly keep an eye on how your feeds perform, what products visitors buy and which channel monetizes the best. You can also make any changes you need in bulk using a huge selection of modifiers.

Key Features
  • Create visual diagnostic reports and alerts against any of your data feed attributes
  • Override your content and A/B test for best ROI
  • Create feeds with just a few clicks using predefined templates



ChannelPilot allows users to export their product data to various channels, optimize it comprehensively and increase sales. With ChannelPilot, you will be able to automatically list your products on thousands of online sales channels, ​​including the largest price comparisons, shopping portals, marketplaces, or affiliate providers.

Key Features
  • Improve your placement with perfectly optimized product data
  • Check and adjust all article key figures and control your performance
  • Record prices, availability, and competitor’s data in real-time


FeedSpark uses advanced technology that can quickly audit feeds and automatically identify the changes needed to ensure feeds are compliant. It also helps you drive significant uplifts from Google Shopping with limited effort for you.

Key Features
  • Advanced technology that not only quickly populates, optimizes, and enhances product data (either manually or automated) but also tests the uplifts generated.
  • Identifies where online spend could be better focused (removing products with limited clicks / spend, removing ranges where limited stock prevents conversions.)
  • Availability of numerous feed formats

Ad Copy Writing and Optimization Tools

Hemingway App

Hemingway App is an editing and proofreading tool that focuses on readability. It identifies errors and weak spots in writing by highlighting and fixing grammatical errors and structures. It will help you create concise PPC ad content that potential customers get the brand message easily.

Key Features
  • Easily accessible online or as a desktop download
  • Act as an expert proofreader and helps you elevate and simplify content, especially useful for PPC Ads
  • User-friendly interface, features, and alternative phrasing suggestions uses AI and advanced machine language models to help you generate compelling and high-performing marketing copies. It accelerates the content creation process for writing ads, captions, product descriptions, and more.

Key Features
  • After you enter a website URL, we scrape the relevant information and then turn it into an ad!
  • You can customize the tone of the results
  • It’s free to sign up, no credit card is required


Anyword’s AI-based language optimization software analyzes billions of data points to create messages that show a 30%+ lift in performance. It also provides a “grade” for each copy variation, which predicts its conversion potential and provides insights on audience demographics, as well as tone and style.

Key Features
  • Provides analytics and insights on copy variations to learn how it will perform.
  • Creates landing page copy and tests multiple variations to learn which combinations work best for specific audiences.
  • Writes product descriptions that drive sales.
  • Writes entire blog posts for you 10x faster!


WriterZen is the pioneer toolset that walks you through the most optimal content creation process and simplifies the workflow. The auto-clustering function in the keyword explorer quickly groups keywords that have the potential rank, saving you hours of manual labor.

Key Features
  • Quickly research subtopics being written by your competitors by the Topic Discovery Module.
  • The Content Creator Tool eases tracking and collaboration between dependent sections of a larger project.
  • Highly advanced Plagiarism checker with a generous amount of words checked
    per day.

PPC Competitor Research Tools


Similar Web is known for its competitive website performance metrics and analysis for PPC, Social Media, Content, and SEO. PPC specialists can spy on competitors’ traffic acquisition strategies and compare channel acquisition, customer behavior analytics, and demographics.

Key Features
  • Organic versus PPC keyword performance comparison
  • Reveals the effectiveness of competitors’ paid search advertising strategies
  • Helps you understand which keywords to focus on for paid marketing campaigns


SEMrush is a collection of tools used for SEO and PPC Strategies. The keyword research tool is a great one for gaining insights into your competitors’ PPC performance. It helps you reveal the keywords they’re bidding on, uncover keyword gaps, and delve deeply into their paid search hacks.

Key Features
  • Helps you with keyword research analysis by removing conflicting keywords and setting match types
  • Evaluates competitors’ PPC spendings that might give you new campaign ideas from a different angle
  • Gives details about competitors’ ad copies


SpyFu helps you identify hidden trends and emerging advertisers so you stay one step ahead of the competition. When you search your own site in SpyFu, you can instantly see the high-priority keywords your site is missing and uncover ad copy that wins test after test.

Key Features
  • Find any site’s paid keywords and ad spend history
  • See every domain bidding on your Google Ads
  • Get our best recommendations for keywords to add or drop
  • Catch changes in your competitors’ ad spend over time

Technical Optimization Tools


If you are looking to audit technical issues on your websites, such as speed and performance, GTmetrix is a free tool to discover optimization opportunities. Even with the most efficient ad strategy, your conversion rates will suffer from the slow load time due to poorly optimized data such as images and videos.

Key Features
  • Notifies you as soon as any page underperforms
  • Analyzes page loads on different devices
  • Helps you improve user experience and increases user’s average time spent on landing pages
  • Generates detailed reports and actionable solutions for poor performing pages

Marketing Attribution Analysis Tools

Attribution App

Attribution App allows you to tailor your attribution model according to your marketing funnel. This lets you optimize your spending and track the real return on ad spend (ROAS), as well as gives an overall understanding of the ROI of your paid digital advertising channels including PPC and affiliates.

Key Features
  • Tracks your ad spend and conversions across advertising channels
  • Allows you to compare the performance of your advertising and marketing channels
  • Helps you identify your best performing advertising strategies


Dreamdata’s a dedicated B2B attribution and analytics tool – catering for the multi-touch and account-based B2B customer journey. It allows you to track any given touchpoint in the customer journey and analyze how certain activities are impacting revenue.

Key Features
  • Break down performance by source and campaign across all your Ad Networks.
  • Measure ROAS and LTV of all your ads.
  • Analyse your cross-channel campaign performance.
  • Sort channel traffic by deals, visitors, contacts, and accounts.

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