How to Use Attribution Models to Make Data Driven PPC Decisions

How to Use Attribution Models to Make Data Driven PPC Decisions

May 1, 2018 Brad General, Tutorials

Attribution determines how conversion and revenue data is divvied up among clicks when it takes a user multiple visits to convert. According to Nielsen, on average, customers make 6 website visits in the conversion process. That means that if you are not using an attribution model, you are making some of your decisions on incomplete […]

How to Manage AdWords & Bing Ads Negative Keywords

What You Actually Need to Know to Increase Your Quality Scores

April 10, 2018 Brad General, Tutorials

We could talk about Google AdWords Quality Score for hours (even days). But no one has that much time. So we’ve put together the ‘exactly what you need to know’ guide to Quality Score. There’s no hype, frills, or lots of meaningless charts and data. We get to the point – what you need to […]

How to Manage AdWords & Bing Ads Negative Keywords

Everything You Need to Know about Negative Keywords to Improve Your PPC Results

March 12, 2018 Brad General, Tutorials

When we think about optimizing PPC accounts; we’re focused on making sure the right ad is being shown to the right person at the right time. We do this through targeting and organization. To ensure these items are working properly, we need to monitor results. Once we’re happy, then our focus is on getting more. […]

Brad Geddes and Jeff Allen on the webinar "Machine learning in today's paid world"

Improve Your PPC Accounts with PPC Hero Summit–The Free Online Conference

February 7, 2018 Brad General

Not everyone can make it to a conference, so we’ve partnered with Hanapin Marketing, the creators of Hero Conf to bring you a day full of PPC goodness online – for free The sessions include: Machine Learning in Today’s Paid World Creating a Killer Paid Search & Paid Social Strategy Important 2018 Google AdWords Updates […]

Multiple keywords match type change

New Adalysis Features: Broad Match Modifier Tool, Campaign Quality Score History, and More…

January 2, 2018 Brad General, New Features

We’ve just launched several new features: Broad match modifier tool Campaign Quality Score History ROAS columns for ad group, keywords, and search terms Keyword & keyword URL edit Landing page analysis downloads Broad Match Modifier Tool The broad match modifier is one out 20+ AdWords management tools in Adalysis. It makes it easy to convert […]

US Search Awards 2017

Thank You For Helping Adalysis Win the Best PPC Management Platform Again

November 20, 2017 Brad General, Google Ads Insights

Thank You for Our Search Award We’re happy to announce that for the 2nd consecutive year; we’ve been awarded the Best PPC Management Suite Award by the US Search awards. While we get to collect the award; this is an award that should also be presented to our customers as they push us to keep […]

Brad Geddes on the SMX in Munich

Where You Can Find Us Speaking in 2017

February 16, 2017 Brad General

In 2017, we’ll be speaking all over the globe; if you’d like to connect with us, here’s some places where we can be found: March*: SMX Munich March*: SMX West (San Jose) April: Hero Conf (Los Angeles) May*: SMX London June*: SMX Advanced (Seattle) October*: SMX East (New York City) November: Pubcon (Las Vegas) * […]

Adalysis Wins Best PPC Management Software Suite at US Search Awards thumbnail

Adalysis Wins Best PPC Management Software Suite at US Search Awards

October 17, 2016 Brad General

Adalysis is pleased to announce that we won the award for the “Best PPC Management Software Suite” presented by the US Search Awards. The award show was hosted at Caesars Palace in association with Pubcon Las Vegas. Adalysis had been shortlisted for Top Innovation and Best Management Suite at the US Search Awards and the […]

Google calendar as valuable PPC tool thumbnail

Our Favorite PPC Tool: We’ve Been Using it Consistently Using for 15 Years

June 23, 2016 Brad General

I’ve been involved in PPC since 1998; and over those years I’ve used a lot of PPC tools from GoToast to PAD to Omniture and many more. There’s one tool that I started using for PPC in 2001 and I’m still using it today: My Calendar. Now most people don’t consider this a PPC tool; […]

Flowchart for determining automation thumbnail

How We Decide to Automate a Task

March 10, 2016 Brad General

We’re big fans of automation; but not everything should be automated. There are a few considerations with automation: Is the process repeatable & consistent? With automation; you’re trusting the system to do the exact same thing over and over without any variation. If you don’t trust all the inputs; then you should not automate the […]

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